Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 1874 - Superbowl Sunday

So, we're eating dinner and watching the big game and the power goes out. What? It was a clear, pretty day with no weather issues at all, so this was a big surprise. I'm pretty sure I know what happened. The power service to our neighborhood is so pitiful that it just wasn't up to the challenge of everybody cooking dinner and watching TV at the same time. I went out to the back to make sure that we hadn't just thrown a breaker switch somehow. All my neighbors were doing the same thing. Who would have thought the power would go out on Superbowl Sunday right in the middle of the game? I'll have to give the power company credit though. They restored power in less than an hour, which is record breaking time for them. I bet they got a lot of angry calls.

They must have aired all the good commercials while our power was out because I certainly didn't see any. The commercials this year were even worse than last year's lackluster showing and last year was pretty bad. Nobody seems to have a sense of humor anymore. The half time show seemed more like a Fourth of July fireworks show than a concert. I'm sure that Katy Perry got rave reviews from her fan base, but this Superbowl performance didn't hold a candle to Michael Jackson and Prince in my somewhat long-in-the-tooth opinion. The only thing I did like about this year's Superbowl was the game itself. It was a great game, although I still can't believe that the Seahawks didn't win. They had so many chances to put this thing away and they still managed to lose.

Earlier in the day, I went to the legendary Superbowl sale at my favorite clothing store. The last thing I need are more clothes, but I came home with a shirt and a nice pair of shoes anyway. The store was really crowded today. There's something about 75% off that seems to attract people. I can't say that I understand my attraction to nice clothes, since I seldom wear them. I walk the dogs in my oldest, most comfortable jeans and some well worn hiking boots. The jacket I wear on cold days is probably fifteen years old and I could run my business in my underwear, since I seldom leave the house. If there's ever an occasion to dress up though, I'm prepared.

Today was a good day to get the water off the roof, since it was clear and sunny. There was an enormous amount of standing water, but it's all gone now. I didn't make it to the gym this week at all, but my water removal gymnastics should count as a pretty good workout. I ought to make a workout video. Pushing hundreds of pounds of water off the roof with a push broom is really hard work.

After breakfast this morning, I reviewed the pictures I shot yesterday, made my picks, and burned everything to a DVD. I hope everyone likes the pictures, because it would be hard to recreate them now. I'm glad to have this job behind me, even though it was interesting and kind of fun. Now it's time to start editing the video I shot just before leaving for Vandenberg Air Force Base.

I miss the small, very talented, group of space geeks I met in California. I'm sure there are a few folks like this in Dallas, but I certainly haven't met them.

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