Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 1880

I've noticed that I get a lot better response to these posts when there's some sort of point to the day. You guys like an adventure. I've been an advertising writer for long enough that it would be pretty easy to make each day seem like a voyage of discovery. What would this prove though? If you like embellishment, you've already got Brian Williams? I'm comfortable when nothing happens. Much of life is uneventful and that's OK. When I was younger I would have been embarrassed to share a succession of uneventful days with you. Now I hope you enjoy your uneventful moments just as much as I do. As far as I'm concerned, the occasional challenge builds character. Constant challenge just wears you down.

Today was a pleasant non-event. I enjoyed seeing the ghostly disc of the sun through thick fog as we walked the dogs this morning. I took some pictures, but thought you'd prefer seeing flowers blooming in February. There was a small patch of Pink Thrift in full bloom along the trail this morning. I think these are the first flowers of the year.

I ran my usual Saturday errands, filling the car with gas and buying bulk items at Sam's Club. I stopped at a pet store and got the dogs some more biscuits and treats. I did my stretching exercises, although it's hard to tell if my shoulder is improving much. Since it was warm enough to wear shorts this afternoon, I got out the hose and washed the car. Washing the car is much more satisfying than cleaning the house. In less than an hour I can have a shiny, clean car. I could spend days working on the house and it still wouldn't look very different.

I must have seen a dozen hammocks strung between trees near the lake this afternoon. When did it become cool to spend your weekend lying in a hammock? I never used to see hammocks in the park and now they are everywhere. Some people read books in these hammocks. Others seem to string them up just to watch the sunset. Seems like a lot of trouble to me. If I'm outdoors, I'd rather keep moving.

Janet brought home ribs from Backcountry Barbecue for dinner. I love ribs and brisket. When you've got a big rack of ribs in front of you, along with some beans, home made potato salad, and cornbread, you don't need much more excitement. After tonight's dinner, it seems like a trip to the gym tomorrow is almost mandatory.

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