Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 1881

I discovered today that I can use the physical therapy room at the gym on Sunday because the physical therapy staff doesn't work on weekends. I wish I'd thought of this earlier, because now I can do all the rehab exercises properly, instead of trying to improvise something at home. I completed every exercise the therapist taught me and went home with a somewhat flexible but very sore shoulder. I wonder how long this is going to take? Probably a lot longer than I've got patience for.

Yes, it's still February, but it was warm enough to wear shorts today. I enjoyed the unseasonable weather, but even though the temperature was a mild 75 degrees, Dot appeared to be uncomfortable. She just can't handle the heat anymore. She likes the really cold days when the rest of us are freezing, but the warmer it gets, the slower she walks. We had to cut our evening walk a bit short, because she was panting and wanted to go home. I don't think all old dogs are this way, but Dot is definitely going to want the air conditioner cranked up this Summer.

Janet and I went out for dinner this evening. This is a rarity for us, but we found another unused gift card lying around the house and decided tonight might be a good time to use it. Every time I go out to a nice restaurant, I remember how much I like bread. I've almost eliminated bread from my diet since it converts to sugar so readily, but I sure do enjoy the stuff. Now that my liver is functioning properly and my blood work looks good, there isn't as much reason to cut out bread. Nevertheless, I tried not to eat a whole loaf this evening, while I waited but my pork chop to arrive. Cutting down on my wheat consumption was one of the main reasons I lost weight last year. I need to remember that, every time a get near a tasty loaf of bread just out of the oven.

The Grammys are on in another room, but I'm not really watching. Occasionally I hear something good and wander into the bedroom to see who is singing on TV. The best thing I've seen this evening was the duet with Hozier and Anne Lennox. Take me to Church is still one of my favorite songs of the year, and I've liked everything the Eurythmics ever did, so this seemed like an inspired pairing to me. Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett were good, but I thought Hozier and Anne Lennox were even better. Ed Sheeran was pretty good too. I like his voice. That was about it. I skipped most of the rest.

I've gotten hooked on watching rocket launches since I went to Vandenberg Air Force Base to see the SMAP launch. I tuned in this afternoon to watch Space X launch a Falcon 9 carrying the Deep Space Climate Observatory. The launch got scrubbed at the last minute because of a problem with a tracking radar downrange. It's amazing how many things have to go absolutely perfectly to get one of these things off the ground. It would be even more amazing if Elon Musk is able to land the first stage booster of this rocket on a floating barge as he is planning. I'll tune in again when the launch is rescheduled.

I guess tomorrow is Monday. It's getting harder and harder to tell the days apart now that Janet has retired. Without the early morning alarm clock that always used to designate work days, Monday seems just about the same as Sunday. The dogs aren't helping to keep me on schedule either. They've both adapted rather quickly to sleeping in late.

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