Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 1884

Today was busy. I finished two new articles and sent them off to their destination. I removed some out-of-date items from a client's website. I ordered some more ink for my insatiable large format printer. I even figured out how to optimize my computer using a bootable external drive. OK, so one of these tasks was just a phone call and another took place while I was walking the dogs. The writing and the website revisions still took a lot of time.

I'm worried that Dot's slow decline might be accelerating. She moves so slowly on her evening walk now that it's becoming a bit alarming. Dot still wants to walk, but we just inch along in slow motion. I don't want to push her too hard, but I also don't want her to just lie around and let her muscles atrophy. It's hard to get the activity level just right. Dot still does fine on her early morning walk and then sleeps for much of the day. Even with long naps, she doesn't have much energy left by the end of the day. Maybe one walk a day is plenty now.

We got back from our evening walk just in time for me to watch the launch of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket in Florida. I continue to be impressed by the sheer audacity of Elon Musk. One day he's showing off a Tesla that will go from 0 to 60 in three seconds and the next day he's sending a weather satellite into orbit a million miles from the earth. Just a few days ago a Space X Dragon capsule returned to earth with cargo from the International Space Station and pretty soon these capsules will be carrying astronauts. In many ways Elon Musk has already put Steve Jobs to shame. The guy is everywhere.

I probably should have saved some of today's workload for tomorrow. So far, it doesn't look like there's much cued up in the pipeline. This is typical of me. My goal is always to rid myself of work as quickly as I can, rather than pace myself and space it out evenly. I did enough today to easily fill two days, but now it's all done. Nothing for tomorrow. Dot does have her physical therapy session tomorrow though. That usually takes up most of the afternoon. I probably need to get some more groceries as well. The refrigerator is looking pretty empty.

It's a little early, but I'm already looking for the first signs of Spring. The weather has been so warm this week that you almost expect to see the trees starting to bud and the first of the Spring wildflowers coming into bloom. This unseasonal weather is actually pretty typical for Texas. Over and over again I have seen everything come into bloom in early March, only to be frozen by one last blast of Winter.

Until then, I'll continue to enjoy wearing shorts in February.

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