Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 1904

It was an unrelenting grey day. At times the rain pounded down on the roof. At other times there was just a light drizzle. We didn't get the predicted thunderstorms, but it certainly was a rainy day. I'm supposed to take Dot out four times a day using the harness for some light physical therapy. The goal is to keep Dot's legs moving to slow down muscle atrophy. Since the weather was so nasty, I walked her up and down the hall instead. To keep her moving, I'd keeping a couple of small dog treats in my pocket and throw them down the hallway when she became bored with our exercises. This reminded me of a time long ago when I used a fishing pole with a dog treat attached to the line to keep another old and lame Dalmatian motivated. When you're standing behind the dog, holding up their rear legs with a harness, it can be challenging to get them to move forward at times. Food often works when nothing else will. When a Dalmatian loses interest in food, that's when you've really got to worry.

The house looks like a designer's nightmare now. We've got an assortment of carpet runners, small rugs, and rubber mats connecting all the rooms to provide a non-slip surface for Dot to walk on. She still requires assistance to walk, but it helps if her rear legs aren't sliding all over the place on the slippery bricks. There is also a dog crate in the bedroom now, where Dot sleeps. I didn't initially think we could get Dot to use the crate, but once again we lured her inside using a dog treat. Having a large crate with two doors made it much easier to get her situated for the night. Once inside, Dot actually liked the soft dog bed we bought and slept soundly for the rest of the night. I didn't sleep so soundly, because I'm used to hearing her breathing next to me, but I'll get used to this. When Dot adjusts to being crated, she'll be much safer when we have to leave the house.

Work was slow today, but as always there were things to do. I got my own insurance company involved in an attempt to unravel the confusion surrounding the accident claim with the rental car company. As a result, I had to send a new batch of documents to a new batch of people. It took a while, but hopefully this will allow me to put this entire mess behind me. I don't care whether it's health insurance, business insurance, car insurance, or homeowners insurance, it's never pleasant dealing with insurance problems.

Dash seems to have overcome some of his fear of rain. Out of necessity, we've been walking in the rain for several days now and he's been acting like everything is completely normal. We get wet, but it's no big deal. Maybe Dash has got cabin fever too. When you're confined to the house for too long, even a walk in the rain can be a treat.

I'm trying to think ahead and take care of a lot of out-of-the-house errands before Janet returns to work. I've already picked up several things I know I'll need soon and I've scheduled a haircut for later in the week. Luckily, Dot has not become incontinent like she did after her last surgery. That will make life a little easier in the days ahead. If I have to crate Dot when it is necessary for me to leave the house, I definitely don't want her to be forced to sit in wet bedding. As her pain meds gradually decrease, I want to make sure she's not in pain either. Dot seems comfortable now. I'm pretty comfortable too, because she's always right beside me. This Spring will be a learning experience for both of us as we develop a rehabilitation routine and slowly inch our way back to normal.

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