Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 1963

Now that the swelling is subsiding, I'm starting to notice that there is a rather obvious hole where my wisdom tooth used to be. I had initially thought that they would stitch this hole up or do something to eliminate it, but apparently not. The dentist has indicated that the hole where the tooth used to be will eventually go away, but I don't see how. Right now it's a nuisance. It's almost impossible to eat anything without food particles getting stuck in the cavity. I can't brush vigorously, or use a water pic yet, because this would break apart the blood clot and I'd start bleeding again. I can swish warm salt water around in my mouth but that's about it. I wish I had my crooked tooth back.

Despite my eating difficulties, I went out for breakfast this morning. My favorite dish on the menu is fairly soft and easy to chew. No problems there. I did get iced coffee though, instead of my usual steaming hot cup of joe. Iced coffee is surprisingly good as a breakfast beverage. Who would have thought?

One of my clients recently upgraded their websites to "mobile friendly" status with an easy-to-use automated widget provide by their web hosting company. The whole process just took a few minutes and only cost $200. The finished mobile sites looked pretty decent and passed Google's "mobile friendly" test. Jeez, how can I compete with that? It would have taken me weeks to duplicate the site created by the point-and-click mobile widget. Although I'll soon be able to create decent looking mobile sites myself, I could never convert something this inexpensively or fast. It's all pretty discouraging. Why am I spending all this time learning to write complex CSS code? This train has already left the station.

My photoshoot went well this afternoon, but that was a bit discouraging as well. I was supposed to candidly capture the active, vibrant personality of a busy office, but I was only there a few hours. I did get some nice shots, but not nearly enough. I will have to come back many times to capture the images the client is looking for. The office staff could probably do far better than me if they would just start taking pictures with their cell phones whenever an interesting interaction took place. Cell phone pictures are looking better and better every day. I would use my own phone on photoshoots like this, but a big heavy camera with a huge lens looks much more professional.

Since the weather looks like it's going to stay nice for a few days, I went up and got the water off the roof this morning. It's been several days since the last heavy rain, but unfortunately not much water had evaporated. I'm almost resigned to the fact that keeping the roof dry is going to be a never ending process. One thing is certain. I'm never going to buy a house with a flat roof again.

I hope my mouth gets back to normal soon. Eating is one of my few remaining pleasures, and this tooth extraction has definitely thrown a wrench in the works. I almost feel like skipping meals, because it's just too much trouble. Nothing can be too hot, or too cold, or too chewy. Even if you eat very carefully, some sort of evil hidden magnet still pulls food particles directly into the empty socket. All this makes a liquid diet sound good. Especially if the liquid was Scotch.

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