Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 2026

Breakfast was the only thing that seemed like Friday today. I was busy all day long, but nothing was work related for a change. After we ate and took Dot and Dash on their morning walk, Janet and I drove up to Lewisville to take pictures of the new Dalmatians in the rescue program. We photographed six new dogs, which is more newcomers than we've had for a long, long time. It was fun getting to know a new bunch of Dalmatians again. Each of these new dogs was very friendly and got along well with their kennel mates. They were such a good looking, well adjusted bunch that I think all of them will find their forever homes very soon.

With so may new dogs, I began thinking that it might be time to completely redesign the Dalmatian Rescue website. I spent the rest of the day playing around with ideas. I wanted a mobile friendly design that looked more contemporary than the existing site, while still being easy to update as dogs found their homes. Designing these mobile friendly sites is tricky. I came up with something I really liked in the desktop version, but it didn't look that great when viewed on a phone. I actually made quite a bit of progress today, although the site is far from finished. Since this is a long, holiday weekend, I may have time to get all the kinks worked out before Monday. I'd better work fast though. If the new Dalmatians find homes before I get the website finished, I won't have much to show.

Several of our earlier Dalmatians loved to eat June Bugs in the Summer. It was fairly disgusting to watch the dogs eat these things while they were still alive, but our vet said they could cause no harm. Luckily Dot has no interest in eating bugs, but Dash has become obsessed with them lately. Every time we let him out to pee in the evening, he spends all his time looking for June Bugs. He doesn't find many, but that doesn't deter him from looking. I guess it could be a lot worse. One of our first Dalmatians would eat his own poop if you didn't watch him like a hawk.

I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's fireworks displays. We've had so much rain this Spring that we don't really have to worry about an errant Roman candle starting a brush fire like people do out West. We do have to worry about the dogs though. Very few dogs, including our own, like the sound of fireworks. Fireworks and thunderstorms are all the same to them. Since Dot is partially deaf now, maybe she'll sleep through most of the commotion. I think we'll just stay inside tomorrow evening. Even without all the noise, the mosquitoes in the evening are terrible.

I spent most of the day today thinking it was Saturday. I'll probably spend most of the day tomorrow  thinking it's Sunday. Maybe if I accidentally do my Sunday chores on Saturday, I'll end up having the real Sunday free.

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