Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 2068

I was ordering my breakfast this morning when I got a call from Janet saying that there were some strange men walking around on our roof. "That must be the roofers," I told her. Jeez, what were they doing out at the house so early? The cook was just starting to fix my meal, and I asked him if he'd wait a bit so I could go home and see what the roofers were doing. There was a good chance that they'd never find the bad spots on their own and end up patching something that was perfectly good. I'd already paid for my breakfast, but I told the guys that I'd be back soon. I showed the two roofers where the elastomer had worn off and was back at my table within ten minutes. When practically everything you do is within two miles of your house, it's pretty easy to have a change of plan like this. I'm pretty sure that the new patches will have plenty of time to dry properly before they are put to the test. There is still no rain on the horizon.

Today was pretty much like yesterday. I had a little work to do, but not too much. I got my assignments done in plenty of time to take my car up to the dealership at the appointed time for it's annual safety inspection. I told the service manager that they probably ought to go ahead and change the oil and filter while they were at it. "Why," he asked me? "You've only driven two thousand miles since the last time you had the oil changed." Never mind. I tend to forget how little I drive these days. If the dogs didn't need to go to the vet so often, I probably wouldn't drive at all.

I enjoy going to the dealership. I've been a customer for so long that I know everyone by now. One of the sales guys and I talked about our favorite Top Gear shows while they were working on my car. I still think that the BBC made a horrible mistake by canceling the show. So what if Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer. Most producers deserve to be punched. At any rate, I miss Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were three of the most politically incorrect hosts on television. They were rude and funny and never sugar coated anything. They also liked Land Rovers a lot. 

The state no longer gives you a sticker for your windshield when you have your car safety inspected. Everything is electronic now. After the safety inspection data has been entered into the vehicle records database in Austin, you can purchase your annual vehicle registration sticker. Since they already know if you've had your car inspected, there is no need for a second windshield sticker. I was going to get the registration sticker on the way home, but they told me to wait at least 48 hours for the database to be updated. If everything is so automated, I wonder why they couldn't just combine the inspection and registration. It would be so much easier if I could just take care of everything at the same time.

The armadillo in my back yard is driving me crazy. It is pulling up my monkey grass by the roots and taking the plants someplace. Maybe it's making a nest with them or something. I can't seem to keep the thing out of our yard. I blocked the area where it was getting in with bricks, but the armadillo just dug a new hole under the fence somewhere else. It's hard enough keeping the yard looking nice anyway, but when the neighborhood critters are actively trying to destroy it, the task becomes almost impossible. Even the birds are getting in on the action this summer. I've never seen so many woodpeckers. They are constantly tapping at the trees. Since woodpeckers mostly eat insects, maybe they are actually helping me though. I'll take woodpeckers over armadillos any day.

I'll be glad when August is over. August is always the most expensive month of the year. Car insurance is due in August. So is my annual storage warehouse rent. When you add dental bills and Dot's chemotherapy to the mix, you can see why I wish that my business would pick up a bit. Actually, I wish the entire summer was over. Business usually picks up in the Fall. The weather is cooler. Fall usually provides lots of interesting photographic opportunities too. The Summer heat has been especially hard on Dot. I'm looking forward to brisk 65 degree walks and colorful Fall leaves. I think we've got a while to wait though.

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