Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 2330

What was I thinking? Yesterday, I was convinced that the weather would be nice this week, so imagine my surprise when I woke up and discovered that it was just another wet, stormy day. Like most rainy days, the house felt more humid, the dogs refused to go outside, and the mail arrived damp and soggy. My efforts to clean up the roof yesterday were completely wasted.

I didn't sleep well, mostly because the dogs sensed the storm and kept waking me up. Dash was nervous and Dot pooped in her bed. I can't really blame Dot's accident on the rain. Chances are that would have happened anyway. Everything takes longer on a rainy day. By the time I'd convinced both dogs to go outside and do their business, cleaned the mud off my shoes several times, and finished my breakfast, it was almost time for lunch.

I only had a single website revision to make today, but it seemed like a busy day anyway. There were bills to pay, a check to take to the bank, and some prescriptions to pick up at the pharmacy. I didn't bother to vacuum the house because the dogs would just track more dirt inside anyway. I'm going to wait for the rain to stop before I do anymore cleaning. I did make an appointment for Dash's annual exam at the vet after checking my calendar to make sure that it had already really been a year since his last exam. It doesn't seem like a year since Dash's birthday. Dash doesn't go to the vet nearly as often as Dot, but he definitely goes more than once a year. The annual exam is just where he gets his yearly vaccinations and a new city tag.

I noticed that the camera I've had my eye on has gone back on sale again. I probably ought to just go ahead and get the thing, mostly so I'll quit thinking about it. I doubt that I'll need to be making any 4K videos in the near future, although that is one of the camera's big selling points. I do like the fact that you can fix focus errors after you've taken the shot. The camera has the ability to take a quick burst of pictures at a variety of focus points, all centered around the object you want to feature. You just select the shot with the best focus afterwards. I wish someone had invented something like this twenty years ago. It would have saved me on a number of occasions.

The weather app on my phone says it is supposed to be clear tomorrow. I don't know whether to believe it, because on Sunday evening the app said it was supposed to be clear today. I shouldn't let the weather rule my life, but it does have a tendency to set the agenda. I understand that we need the rain to avoid another drought and keep the area lakes stay full, but the wet weather sure does make taking care of Dot more difficult.

I got bit by a mosquito today. Does this mean I'm going to have to start worrying about the Zika Virus? One of the side effects of lots of rain is lots of mosquitoes. Last Spring there were a ton of mosquitoes. Actually, every year there are a ton of mosquitoes. Some years the city sprays, and other years it does nothing. You really can't win with spraying. If you don't spray, people complain. If you do spray, other people complain.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I guess it depends on whether it rains or not. I'll probably fret about whether to buy the camera or not. I'll wonder whether to add some leftover pineapple to my morning smoothie. I'll keep trying to predict when Dot is going to poop next, even though my odds of success are small. If I had some new writing jobs, I could keep these thoughts at bay, but writing assignments have been scarce lately.

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