Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 2242

We actually got to Dot's physical therapy appointment on time today. I wasn't really any more organized. The vet just called while I was eating breakfast and asked if I could come earlier this morning. "Sure," I said. "We're on our way." Dot didn't have time for her morning nap. I didn't have time to take a shower and answer e-mail. I didn't even turn on the computer before we left. It all worked out pretty well and ended up being the first time in several months that I wasn't late.

I think I've figured out how to keep Dot calm in the car. She isn't really anxious of fearful, she just needs to be in a comfortable position before we start our journey. Since I wasn't in a rush today, I waited a while before we left the driveway. When Dot started squirming, I re-positioned her before we got underway. As soon as she was calm for a few minutes, I started the car and she didn't move again until we arrived at the vet. This plan may not work next time, but I thought it was pretty clever. It was certainly better than drugging her with Xanax.

Today was surprisingly busy. When we got home, I fed the dogs their lunch and spent the rest of the day updating several websites. It wasn't a bad day at all. Dot did exceptionally well on the treadmill this morning. She walked for a full twenty minutes and didn't appear overly tired. Like I've said many times, Dot has good days and bad days. This was a good one. It was good having some work to do as well. I like that sweet spot that's somewhere between being bored out of my mind and totally stressed out by impossible deadlines. Finding this balance is hard though. In my business, you work when the client wants you to work.

I'm having increasing problems accessing my various Google accounts. Sometimes Google Drive quits working. Other times I have trouble logging into Blogger. Today I couldn't even access my Google+ account. Usually the outages are temporary, but I'm afraid that someday I'll sit down to write the blog and won't be able to go to my Blogger account at all. I just got a notice that Google Chrome won't be supporting anything earlier than OS 9.0 on the Mac starting in April. Maybe this is where my problems start. I like older browsers and operating systems. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google almost insist that you use their latest offering. I heard that Windows is going to start automatically updating itself to Windows 10 in the near future. One more reason I'm glad I'm still on a Mac. I wish people would just slow down and leave things alone for a while.

When I was debating whether to give Dot Xanax yesterday, it occurred to me that most anxiety is caused by two things. Running out of time makes you anxious and running out of money makes you anxious. If you have control over just these two things, a whole lot of problems simply disappear. It's hard to have both things simultaneously though. Whenever I've had plenty of money, I've had no time. Conversely, when I have plenty of time, I seldom have any money. Hmm. I wonder how you get both?

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