Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 2329

We slept in late this morning. By the time we took the dogs on their morning walk, the sun was already high in a bright blue sky. It was a beautiful day. I'm sure I suffer from seasonal affective disorder to some degree, because a bright sunny day improves my mood immeasurably. Bacon helps too, so after a hearty breakfast, I was ready to get something done.

I looked at the long range weather and saw enough clear days ahead to make it worthwhile to clear the roof of water again. I push the large flat broom with my left hand now because my right shoulder continues to get worse. It's weird that a lot of exercises at the gym don't bother my shoulder at all, but getting the water off the roof is a killer. After the roof was dry,  washed the car.  I often wash the car on nice days because it just makes me feel good.

I still had some energy left after finishing my Sunday chores, so I went to the gym. Lately, I've been stopping at the defunct Sports Authority store I pass along the way to add to my stash of bargains. Winter things are marked down the most, so I picked up a pair of gloves and a wool hat today. Getting all these Winter things is actually optimistic. On some subconscious level, my brain is telling me that I'm going to be around for another year.

I wish I could say the same for Dot. She continues to get weaker. The weather was nice this morning and there was a cool breeze, but Dot seemed tired and occasionally I would see her rear legs start to crisscross as we walked. This is never a good sign. When we returned home, she spent the rest of the day sleeping, but she didn't rebound much even after a long rest. I walked Dash alone this evening while Janet took Dot on a very short walk down the back alley. That was all she felt like doing today.

The house didn't get vacuumed this week, but that's OK. Work has gotten so slow that this will give me something to do tomorrow. I could always clean the office, but a clean office just means that nothing is happening. I'd much rather have lots of projects underway in a messy, cluttered office that sitting around wondering what to do in a tidy clean one. Maybe things will pick up next week. One of my clients is on vacation and I'm hoping he'll have some work for me when he returns.

It's hard to believe it's May already. Dash has a birthday in a few weeks and then in June it's my birthday again. This year has positively flown by. I'm sure lots has happened, but all I really remember is endlessly cleaning up dog poop and removing standing water from the roof. There's a fresh supply of strawberries, blueberries and bananas to make my morning smoothies. All the April bills have been paid. Dot and Dash are sleeping peacefully now. I think we're ready for whatever a new month brings our way.

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