Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 2333

It's kind of two steps forward, three steps back with Dot. She has an amazing ability to rebound, but at the end of the day, we're still losing ground. We skipped the walks today and let Dot sleep. It seemed to help. By lunchtime, she wanted to get up and have her rice cake and by dinner time, she was eager to go outside again. Sure, she pooped in the house a few times, but her abdomen doesn't appear painful anymore and she's putting weight on her left rear leg again. It's a delicate balance. It's is essential to keep Dot moving to prevent the muscle atrophy in her legs from getting even worse, but it's equally essential not to overdo it.

If Dot continues to improve, we'll try a short walk tomorrow morning. When Dot needs to rest, Dash gets to enjoy a much longer walk by himself. We call it our 'Boy's Walk." All I have to say now is "Do you want to take a Boy's Walk Dash?" and he gets all excited. Dash is very good about walking slowly in front of Dot in the mornings to give her something to follow, but I'm not sure he understands how essential he is. I can tell he misses the old days when the three of us would walk for miles at full speed. Before Dot became ill, we could cover three times the distance in the same amount of time that our slow journey takes now.

I'm still having serious connectivity problems with my office network. The hosting company says everything is fine on their end and that the problem originates with my ISP. The ISP says they are unaware of the problem I describe and tell me to call the hosting company. After doing a little research on my own, I've discovered that my ISP is selectively blocking several servers owned by the hosting company, saying that the machines are known sources of malware. The hosting company says than none of the accounts on their servers are spammers or hackers and nobody should be blocking them. Neither party will actually admit to doing anything at all when I press them on the issue. When I tell them that there are tons of other customers complaining about similar  connectivity issues on Internet forums, they basically just tell me that you can't believe what you read on the Internet. It's frustrating. It appears like my ISP is having a little war with my hosting company and I'm caught in the middle.

I still haven't called the plumber. I think the leak originates under one of the fixtures, but I'm reluctant to deal with the issue, because I've already tried to get these faucets replaced before without much success. When I was having plumbers out to the house almost every day during our big underground pipe leak last year, I asked if they could replace the aging faucets. It didn't seem like a big deal to me, but the plumbers made all sorts of excuses. They told me that they didn't carry faucets or fixtures on the truck and that I would have to purchase the fixtures myself if I wanted them to install them. Since the sink is very old, I knew I could never find a match for the old faucets at Home Depot. I thought the plumbers would be happy to take care of this for me, but apparently not. I didn't press the issue because they were trying to fix a major leak under my foundation and I didn't want to make them mad. I'm beginning to think that absolutely nothing is easy to fix anymore.

I don't know where to eat tomorrow morning. I'm just floundering around, in search of a new Friday breakfast place. There are only about five restaurants that serve breakfast and are close enough to the house to meet my somewhat strange criteria. I guess I'll try them all again and see if something clicks. There was a reason that I abandoned each of these places in the past, but things change quickly in the restaurant business. Maybe one of these places is fabulous now.

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