Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 2338

Today was Dash's day. Dot spends so much time at the vet that it's easy to forget that Dash has his own issues. We try to address each of those issues at his annual exam. For years, Dash was the problem dog and Dot was the healthy one. He has a history of epileptic seizures, but has been stable for almost five years since he started taking phenobarbital. When we adopted him, he had severe skin allergies. Now, his coat is thick and full. A thyroid deficiency and crystals in his urine are now under control. He still has a heart murmur, but his vet doesn't consider it a risk. Most importantly, his thyroid cancer has been in remission for over three years. Dash got a thorough checkup today and passed with flying colors. I am really thankful that he is doing so well. Several years ago, when both dogs were being treated for cancer at the same time, it was almost more than we could handle.

Dot and Dash are lucky to have some great vets looking after them. Sometimes I wish that vets could treat humans too. I'm convinced that I'd get bet better care if I went to the vet than I do from my own doctors. I trust our vets. I'm not so sure about my own physicians. Whenever I see a lobby filled with pharmaceutical company sales reps, I start to wonder if all the pills I take are actually necessary. To be fair, the dogs take a lot of pills too, but everything seems more honest and direct without all the insurance and pharmaceutical companies in the middle. I think one of the problems with human medicine is there isn't much emphasis on what we eat. When your vet tells you that your dog should eat a specific type of food, that's what you feed them. Humans go the the Cheesecake Factory, eat enormous, gut busting meals, and then wonder why they've got diabetes. Maybe we've got too much freedom. Dot and Dash just eat what we put in their bowls. If they had a choice, I'm sure they'd opt for an all bacon diet.

When Dash and I returned from the vet, the first thing I noticed was that Dot had pooped in her bed. I kind of expected this would happen. It was so hot when I took her outside after lunch that she had no interest in doing anything. It's impossible to get an incontinent dog's pooping schedule coordinated with anything. Basically, it's just like that old bumper sticker. Shit happens. Dot is feeling a little better today. We only gave her a short walk this morning and she spent most of the day sleeping. I canceled her physical therapy appointment tomorrow, so she can rest some more. Hopefully, the added rest will help. You can't be a drill Sargent with a sick dog. You have to let them set the pace. I know that Dot still wants to keep moving. We just need to stay aware of what her body can handle as she continues her long, slow decline.

Dash's big adventure at the vet ate up a big chunk of the day, but I still had time to resolve the equipment problems I was having yesterday. The audio and video gear are working together nicely now. Now that I understand what I'm doing, I wonder how long it will take to put this knowledge to use. You might wonder why I don't just embark on a long, complicated personal project, since I obviously have the time. I wonder too occasionally. I tell people that I can't make movies or write songs because I'm taking care of Dot. That's probably just an excuse. It's one of those been there, done that things. I just don't have the desire anymore.

I do like writing this blog. There's something epic about doing something for so many years, night after night, without any breaks in continuity at all. It's even more epic that I have absolutely nothing to say. My life is about as ordinary as you can get, and yet you're still reading.

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