Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 2340

I knew today was going to be a problem. The HVAC guy wanted to come out at 8 AM to service the air conditioner. 8 AM is when the dogs normally eat their breakfast, so they are both active and energetic. Dot and Dash weren't in the mood to sleep through anything this morning. Dot didn't poop when we walked her around the block right after sunrise, so she was primed and ready to go. As soon as she started barking at the repair technician, there was poop everywhere. It is best if Dot is asleep when repair people are in the house, but this wasn't going to be one of those days. She got upset, stepped in the poop and tracked it all over the bedroom. Dash didn't help matters when he started barking too. He could care less about the repair technician, but he was mad that he had to wait for his breakfast banana. I always give the dogs half a banana when I make my morning smoothie, and they are not very patient about waiting. The technician eventually finished the system check and left. It took me the rest of the morning to clean up Dot's mess.

By the time I finished cleaning various rugs, carpets, blankets, and Dot's soiled harness, it was time for lunch. I have no idea what the HVAC technician actually did, because I was preoccupied washing Dot and cleaning up the huge mess that she had created. I hope the air conditioner doesn't give me any problems this Summer. It would be really frustrating to have gone through all today's carnage for nothing. One good thing about dogs is that they totally live in the moment. As soon as the repair guy was gone, life returned to normal. Dash got his banana. Dot went back to sleep. And I finally finished my breakfast, accompanied by the competing sounds of the washing machine, dishwasher, and dehumidifier.

When we were walking this morning we noticed that the city had painted a series of green, blue, and yellow guidelines on the streets in the neighborhood. I'm not positive, but these appeared to be location lines for underground utilities. It would be ironic that after literally waiting decades to get the streets fixed in our neighborhood, the city was just going to dig them up again. One of the streets with the utility location lines was repaved less than a month ago.

It was time to get the water off the roof again. I know it's probably going to rain again soon, but it's not wise to leave the standing water up there for too long. Whenever I'm up on the roof, I keep noticing that the areas that need to be patched are growing larger. I'll call the roofer again, but I'm not optimistic. My roofer has his own priorities, and evidently I'm not very high on his list.

I finished updating the firmware in all my cameras and lenses. It was surprising that so many things were out of date. I have lots of exciting new capabilities now, but since none of them are listed or described in the manual, I wonder if I'll ever use them. A month from now, I'll forget I even updated all this stuff.

There was a  car parked on the street where I usually put my garbage can on Thursday night. I had to put my can in a strange new place and now I wonder if the truck will pick it up. This is the kind of stuff I worry about. I can't decide where to eat breakfast tomorrow either. It's been that kind of day.

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