Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 2342

I returned like a prodigal son to my original Friday restaurant and was pleasantly surprised to see that they'd added several new items to the menu, hired a new waiter, and seemed to be surviving, despite the intense competition from the restaurant across the street. While I was finishing my Migas and coffee, I checked the pet cam I'd made out of an old iPhone and it worked perfectly. I was off to a good start. It was hard to believe it was Friday the 13. This looked like it was going to be a pretty good day.

Cutting Dot's morning walk in half seems to have made a huge difference. She doesn't seem as exhausted now, and is starting to get up on her own in the morning without assistance again. She is still weak and has a lot of trouble walking, but I can definitely see a difference. I wish the added rest had helped with her incontinence, but you can't have everything. Instead of pooping first thing in the morning, she is going at 3 AM now.  I have no idea why her bathroom habits aren't more consistent, but I sure wish they were. I had trouble getting back to sleep after last night's cleanup session and felt tired for the rest of the day. Work is so slow right now that I could just sleep all day with the dogs, but that would be giving up. I'm not ready to give up yet.

Since it was a nice relatively cool day, I decided to mow the grass and get this weekend chore out of the way. While I was working in the yard, I saw some city employees painting additional lines on the street like the ones I mentioned yesterday. I asked one of the guys what they were doing and he said they were locating water lines. "Does this means you are getting ready to tear up the street you just finished paving," I asked? "I just paint the lines," the guy said. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the city was getting ready to dig a big trench right down the middle of the road they just finished paving. That's how they operate.

Among today's list of website changes was a request to remove an offer precisely at midnight tonight. No problem. I'm usually sitting right here anyway. Work is still slow and fairly mundane, but there was a hint that more writing jobs may be headed my way soon. It would be nice to be busy again, since I'm stuck in the house anyway. Even though Dot sleeps most of the time, she needs someone nearby to help her up when she needs to move. I can usually tell when she is going to be asleep long enough for me to eat breakfast or go to the post office, but dogs can be unpredictable. I hate to come home and see that she's had to struggle to get out of her bed.

Even though it was nice today, the long range forecast still shows lots of rain ahead. This is a typical Texas Spring. Cool breezes are followed by hot dry days, which in turn are followed by violent thunderstorms. I'm always surprised when I wake up, because it is always different than the day before. There's a 50% chance of rain by sunrise tomorrow. I hope we get lucky and get the dogs walked before the thunder and lightning arrive. Life is much easier if the dogs are asleep when there's a storm.

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