Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 2363

I had breakfast in a different part of town this morning. Instead of beards and flip flops, I was surrounded by Mark Cuban wannabes wearing carefully curated Robert Talbot and Ike Behar shirts. The guys nearest me were talking about deals they had made or were about to make. These budding venture capitalists seemed to think that if they couldn't double their six figure investments in less than a year, it wasn't worth the trouble. What a difference a few miles can make. Sometimes I overhear people in the hipster cafe talking about money too, but when it comes time to finance their dream, they're going to be getting a loan from the guys I saw today.

It's weird how fragmented our society has become.You see it in politics. You see it in fashion and music. You even see it in the simple act of eating breakfast. I don't think America is a great melting pot anymore. We have reverted to tribalism. One place I eat breakfast is full of school teachers. Another is full of hipsters. Still another is a favorite of octogenarians. Today's restaurant seems to be where the baby billionaires hang out. Nobody seems to have any desire to venture far from their own tribe. This is not a good thing. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I knew what tribe I belonged to. Observers like myself are seldom joiners, so I doubt that I'll be experiencing a tribal awakening anytime soon. I just watch and wonder as we continue to grow more fragmented.

Dot was definitely out of sync today. She pooped in the house three times during the day and did absolutely nothing on her two walks. There is no rhyme or reason to the incontinence anymore, but it does test my patience. Although cleaning up after Dot kept me busy, there really wasn't much going on today. I almost went up on the roof, but while I was getting ready, it started to rain again. I paid a few early June bills and wondered how I was going to make it through a month where last month's big plumbing and car repair bills were both going to be on my next credit card statement. I think my homeowners insurance is due this month too. I keep hoping that July will be better, but I bet Dot's oncologist is going to want her to start taking the expensive Palladia pills again. It's always something.

I noticed that crews are laying fiber optic cable in our neighborhood. I wonder what that means? It would be nice if it means faster Internet. Maybe the cable has nothing to do with the Internet, but it seems like it should. At least I know why they've been spray painting the location of all the utilities on the streets. I guess they want to make sure that the people putting in the fiber optic cable don't inadvertently cut through a gas or water line.

As I was walking Dash this afternoon, Erykah Badu smiled and waved at us as she was driving home in her Porsche Panamera. The dogs and I have been walking past her house for decades. I wish she'd invite us in sometime. She has a really cool house. With coyotes, pelicans, rock stars, and some of the last native prairie in Texas, it's definitely an interesting neighborhood.

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