Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 2422

Today was a lost cause. It was hot. I couldn't get organized. And despite some valiant efforts, I didn't really accomplish anything. Since work was slow, I though I'd try to figure out why the pet cam wasn't working. The camera worked perfectly last month and I haven't changed any settings. Why wasn't it working now? The elephant in the room was the new router that AT&T sent me recently. It made perfect sense that this would be the source of the problem if it weren't for the fact that everything in the office except the pet cam connected to the Internet just fine. Google wasn't any help at all, since this particular camera isn't very popular. I couldn't find many people who were having the same problem. I suspected that the default settings on the new router are blocking the pet cam, but I also suspected that I could easily turn the router into a brick if I messed around with the configuration without knowing what I was doing. If I were more knowledgeable about such matters, I would enable port forwarding on both the router and the pet cam and force the two devices to connect. I did discover that I could use a proxy server to bypass the router entirely, but since I don't have a proxy server there was no way I could test this. In the end, I wasted three hours experimenting with different settings, and the pet cam still doesn't work.

I was going to wash the car today, but when I took the dogs outside after lunch, I quickly decided that this was a bad idea. It was way too hot. I guess it was too hot for the roofers too, because they didn't show up. When I tried to find out what was going on, I was told that my roof was still going to get fixed this week. We'll see. It seems like it's either too hot for the roofers to work, or it is too wet. Apparently this is a three bears story where the porridge has to be just right.

When I tried to make an appointment to take Dot to the vet, I discovered that I've lost my Wednesday time slot to someone else. I couldn't get in this week at all and had to settle for next week. That was fine with me, since I'm not in that much of a hurry to restart Dot's physical therapy anyway. I would like to know whether the water therapy will still benefit her and try to resume her acupuncture treatments, so I guess we'll wait until next week.

I hope I'm more organized tomorrow. Maybe I ought to tackle a project I know I can finish. The dogs certainly aren't helping me become more productive. They spent most of the day sleeping. I was real tempted to join them.

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