Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 2427

Sometimes I get distracted by the smallest things. Today when I turned on the computer, I noticed that there was a fifteen second difference between the time on the computer and the time on my watch. Since both the computer and the watch receive a signal from the same NIST atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado, either the computer or the watch was wrong. The two displays should have been identical. It puzzled me that I didn't know which one was right. I rebooted the computer and replaced the battery in the watch, but the fifteen second difference remained. It was odd that this bothered me, since I could care less what time it actually was. This was an anomaly and it shouldn't have been happening. I get curious about things like this.

Last week at this time I was curious about a new app that lets me use my phone to purchase groceries and bypass the checkout line. I downloaded the app and was going to try it this week, but I completely forgot about it and ended up using the regular checkout line, just like I always do. I wonder how many weeks it's going to take before I remember that I have this handy tool in my pocket. We'll try again next week. Eventually, this thing will become second nature. I'm a creature of habit though. There's always a chance that I'll never use my phone to purchase groceries. I downloaded an app that lets me deposit checks to my bank using my phone two years ago and I still haven't used it.

It was so hot today that neither of the dogs wanted to walk very far. They did their business in a perfunctory way and returned to the house where it was air conditioned. When I was out with Dash, I saw a Great Blue Heron. Even the bird seemed hot. I made sure to water the lawn before the 10 AM water restriction deadline and started wishing for Winter to return. August is probably as bad as it gets. It's still hot in September, but the days are noticeably shorter. Hopefully, the air conditioner will keep working until October, when the weather gets nice again.

I started thinking about what I wanted my new website to look like and came to the inescapable conclusion that I didn't even need a website. Maybe I should just sell my domain to that company in Germany that makes the Sealander amphibious travel trailer. It figures that someone would use my name for a trailer that is also a boat. Who would want something like this? It's pretty expensive, not very big, and the literature says "for calm waters only." I bet more than a few of these things have sank. The unlikely vehicle must be getting more popular though, because I get e-mail messages almost every week asking for information about how to buy one.

It's time to go to the gym again. I should just quit taking Statins instead of going to the gym. One of the worst side effects from taking Statin drugs is that they cause muscle atrophy in some people. Even though I am active and get a lot of exercise, I have real trouble building muscle tissue. I know it's the Simvastatin. I keep asking my doctor if I can quit taking the pills, but he is obsessed with heart attacks and keeps reminding me that my Dad had a quadruple bypass at about my age. I guess I'll have to keep taking the Statins and just exercise a little harder tomorrow.

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