Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 2431

She's back! Dot resumed her physical therapy today and her entire team was amazed at how well she did. Dot's vet told me that she didn't expect much from this visit, since she'd been away so long, but she exceeded everyone's expectations. I think the extended rest we've been giving her has really helped. Dot was relaxed this afternoon, didn't poop in the car, and we were even able to get a good blood pressure reading. I think the key to success is being very aware of Dot's limitations and in managing my own expectations. Dot isn't always aware of her own limitations. She's such a loyal companion that she'll just keep walking, even if she's exhausted. It's my job to interpret the subtle signs she's continually sending to let us know how she's doing. I watch her breathing, her gum color, her balance, and how she holds her head. I look to see whether her rear paws knuckle under when she's trying to walk. If her body is telling me that she is starting to get tired, I make sure she rests.

I was very encouraged to see Dot doing so well today. She hasn't given up yet. The vet also had some ideas about what might be causing the stiffness in Dash's rear legs. She wants me to bring him in for a neurological exam. I won't have time to do this immediately, but we'll get him worked into the never ending cycle of vet exams.

I finished one of my writing assignments today. I still have several more articles to write, but I'm making good progress. I don't have any plans to leave the house tomorrow, so maybe I can finish the remaining articles before the weekend. It's good to be busy. I spend so much of my time dealing with basically unsolvable dog problems, that's it's refreshing to have normal problems with deadlines and simple resolutions. When you finish a writing assignment, it's over. Medical problems never really go away.

It's so hard to remember all the little things. I'll be sitting here writing and then I'll think, "Damn, I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer," or "Are the sprinklers still on outside." It's always something. Batteries are never charged when I need them most. I need to remember to turn the ice-maker in the refrigerator off for a day every two days because the automatic shut off is broken. The dehumidifier always seems to need to be emptied. And then there's the water on the roof. At least the roof is dry for now. Lately, I'm even having trouble finding time to take a shower. If I take a shower early, Dot poops when I'm in the shower. If I take a shower late, she poops when I'm in the shower. She seems to know when I'm not looking at her, so she can quickly eat the evidence.

Such is life. There are lots of little irritations and lots of little triumphs. Today was basically one of the good days. It was nice to see Dot doing her workout again.

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