Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 2433

Nothing went smoothly today. The dogs were tired from their morning walk and sleeping peacefully when I left the house to get my car safety inspected. I had an appointment, but the Land Rover dealer was busy and the inspection took longer than I thought. By the time I returned home, Dot was awake again and had pooped in her bed. This was a messy accident. I had to clean Dot, three blankets, two rugs, and my shoes. I really wasn't gone that long. It's a shame that I can't even leave the house for two hours without risking this sort of calamity. It's not Dot's fault. She's just very old and her incontinence is a way of life.

Apparently, I've been messing with the router too much in my quest to get the pet cam working. I wanted to experiment with some other settings today, but discovered that the router had frozen and wouldn't let me login to the control panel anymore. I called tech support and they told me that I would have to restore the router to it's factory settings in order to gain access again. Damn. This means that I will have to reconnect everything in the house to the WiFi network all over again. It took forever the first time I did this, so I was hoping that I'd never have to repeat the process. While I was on the phone with the technician, Dot decided to poop in her bed and I was forced to blurt out "Hold on a minute, my dog is pooping and I've got to clean it up before she eats it." Tech support offered no advice on this matter. I thanked the tech support person for speaking English well enough for me to understand and decided to postpone resetting the router for another day when I would hopefully have more patience.

The only productive thing I did today was get my August invoices in the mail. I didn't have time to go to the grocery store, so I decided to pick up some take out on my way back from the post office. Unfortunately, this was when it started to rain. The rain completely surprised me, since it has been bone dry all month. The unexpected thunderstorm frightened the dogs and when I returned to the house with dinner, I wasn't all that surprised to discover that Dot had pooped a third time.

By the time I cleaned Dot up and fed the dogs their dinner, I was ready to consider the day a total loss. I tried to give Dash his evening walk, but he was still nervous about the weather and didn't want to go outside. Eventually the rain stopped, the laundry got done, the dogs got walked, and life returned to some semblance of normality. Today was tiring though. It takes a lot of patience to live this way.

I need to remember to renew my vehicle registration this weekend. The vehicle registration goes hand-in-hand with the safety inspection and you need both to stay legal. I have no plans for the weekend. I just hope that tomorrow isn't a repeat of today.

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