Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 2491

Once again Sunday turned into a marathon. I woke up earlier than I should have, trying to anticipate when I'd need to make a mad dash to the back door with Dot. I was successful at getting her outside to pee, but was less successful at convincing her to go back to bed for a while. She and Dash didn't want to sleep in. They wanted their breakfast. There's no point to arguing with a dog, so we all got up.

After breakfast and a walk with Dash, I went back to the grocery store to pick up all the things I forgot yesterday. There was another website update to make when I returned home. This update was a bit more extensive than the one I completed yesterday, so I got to postpone the onerous job of vacuuming the house for a couple of hours. Vacuuming is harder on my wrists and shoulder than going to the gym. I've grown to hate vacuuming, but it can't be avoided. The house simply gets too dirty.

It's almost impossible to avoid today's presidential debate, but I'm going to try. I just don't want to hear any more from either candidate. The reporters can't seem to get enough of this stuff though. The salacious nature of tonight's debate has whipped them all into a frenzy. They are acting like a pack of wolves ready to go for the kill tonight. We'll see what happens. I won't be watching. I'll finish writing the blog, see if I can finish re-grouting the leaking parts of the shower stall, and go to bed. When I turn on the television tomorrow morning, I'll sure someone will immediately tell me who won.

I wish I could get Dash to remember what I worked so hard to teach him during all those years of taking him to obedience classes on Wednesday evenings. He used to heal like a champ, but I'm having real trouble getting him to follow my lead these days. There is one alley he likes to go down on our way home that I call the alley of death. There are three very aggressive dogs that would tear Dash to pieces if they ever managed to jump over their fence. Of these dogs is getting closer and closer to getting over the top, but Dash seems to be oblivious to the danger. I tried to get Dash to take an alternate safe route home today, but he stubbornly dug his heals in and refused to take my suggestion. He even barked at the aggressive dogs as we walked down the alley. You're living dangerously Dash.

Have you noticed that the stores are already filled with Christmas merchandise? It isn't even Halloween yet. Janet reminded me to make our Thanksgiving dinner reservations this week. I waited too long last year. If I'm too late with over a month to go before Thanksgiving gets her, I give up. This year is just barreling along like a freight train. I wish everything would slow down a bit.

Dot actually did pretty well this week. I think the cooler weather is her friend. She stumbled a few times during the week, but today she was eager to go on a walk. I hope this cool weather continues. Dot is always my priority. I've also got to get my October invoices out next week. Maybe I'll bill out enough to pay my electric bill. Next week might be a good time to try some more vegetarian dinners at the vegan take out place. I'll try my best to keep Dash from going down the alley of death. I'll get some silly requests from clients and I'll wonder why I'm still in business at all. The dogs will bark at me while I try to enjoy my banana and strawberry smoothie. It's probably going to be a pretty normal week

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