Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 2523

I'm a writer. I find it fascinating how storytelling has become a ubiquitous part of our current political dialog. Was it always this way? I'm not sure. It does seem like the press and the politicians are spending a lot of time constructing a narrative these days. A narrative is just a story. It is not necessarily true. We have all these competing versions of the truth out there, each carefully packaged for our consumption. It's almost as if nobody trusts us to come to a conclusion ourselves. There are narratives designed to appeal to the young. There are narratives that reinforce preexisting beliefs. Some narratives provoke fear. Others create hope. Very few of these stories deal with the complexities that lie just beneath the surface. People just pick their favorite story and run with it. Personally, I'd rather sift through the evidence and decide for myself.

So, where is the evidence that explains Tuesday's election? The elephant in the room is the fact that most people didn't even vote. Over 46% of eligible voters didn't even bother this year. I listened to a reporter this morning interview some of the young people who were protesting the election last night. They were unhappy with the results, but many of them didn't vote. Unbelievable! Few, if any, could could come up with a coherent reason why they were so angry. At best, they just repeated someone else's narrative. Maybe you're worried about Trump. I'm a lot more worried about what happens when these millennials take over. There is one ray of hope. One of the exit polls discovered that a significant minority of the college age population did not end up voting with their peers. These were generally science and engineering majors who were making the only protest they could against the mindless political correctness they were experiencing on campus. I'm convinced that these students who did not drink the Kool Aid are going to be the ones who get all the good jobs when they graduate. Somebody is going to be needed to program all the robots.

Maybe if all the angry people actually did move to Canada like they are promising, my business would improve. If Facebook is any guide, most people in advertising and marketing wanted Hillary to win. I'd be happy to take their clients if they leave. I'd be even happier if people would just quit complaining. I'm old enough to remember what people said when Ronald Reagan was first elected. It was remarkably similar to what many are saying about Trump now. Of course these days Reagan is revered as one of the best presidents of the modern era. Funny how time changes things.

As fascinating as this election has been, I have a feeling that it's just another "not my circus, not my monkeys" situation for me. I'm old. The stakes aren't nearly as high for me as they would be for someone in their thirties or early forties. I would just caution people on both sides of the political fence to be careful what you wish for. Unintended consequences are a bitch.

I deal with unintended consequences every day. After a lifetime of making decisions, you just can't avoid them. I discovered today that one of the unintended consequences of getting my new iPad is that I'm going to have to subscribe to Office 365. Another unwanted expense. One of the unintended consequences of giving Dot Tramadol is that she has become more demanding as she feels a little better. I'm walking her around the house on the hour now. I think she's pooping more too. Life is full of surprises. I guess that's what keeps it interesting.

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