Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 2552

The day started out well. It was quite cold this morning, but Dash and I dressed warmly and had an enjoyable walk. Even though it was partly cloudy, it was nice to see patches of blue sky. I thought I'd try something new for breakfast. Sausage, bacon, scrapple, ham and egg with white cheddar cheese on a toasted ciabatta roll. Yum. The restaurant called it The Big Boy and I called it delicious. With a full belly and a decent night's sleep, I started the day in an unusually good mood.

It didn't last. All I'd really planned to do today was write my sister a letter and finish updating Pro Tools on my computer. Neither of those things happened because there were a couple of website emergencies that caught me by surprise. I did my best to get everything finished before the weekend, but when I got ready to upload the changes, I discovered that a server had crashed and I couldn't access one of the two sites I was working on. When I called technical support to see what was going on, they appeared to be in total panic mode. Apparently the entire hosting company had gone down. It wasn't just my client's server that crashed. Hundreds of servers were down. Six hours have passed and I still can't access the site, so this must be serious.

I couldn't worry about this too much though, because I had my own problems. The dogs slept peacefully for most of the morning, but when they woke up it was a three ring circus. Dot pooped on the floor while she was eating her lunch. While I was trying to clean up the mess, Dash knocked over a big bag of dog food and started eating out of the bag. I had my hands full trying to keep Dot from falling in her own poop, so Dash had a little feast.

The afternoon was a mess. Dot couldn't relax and wanted attention every ten minutes. A lot of times when she wanted me to pick her up and walk her around, I was on the phone with technical support, trying to get my client's website problems resolved. When Dot gets stressed, she pees even more than usual, so there was lots of laundry to do as well. I spent the entire afternoon jumping from one thing to another and didn't really accomplish much.

I eventually gave up on the website updates after it became apparent that the service outage wasn't going to be fixed anytime soon. I split the dogs dinner into two parts again, so that the lull between the two dinners would give me time to run out and pick up some take-out for dinner. I never did get time to go to the grocery store today.

After I took each dog on a separate evening walk and was starting to get my own dinner ready, Dot pooped on the floor again. This caught me by surprise, since she had already gone a few hours earlier. I rushed to place a puppy training pad under her and save the rug, but I missed and stepped in some of the poop instead. It was that kind of day.

Everything is peaceful now, but the washing machine is still running. I hope that Dot doesn't have any more accidents today, because there aren't many clean dog blankets left. Today would have been my Dad's 99th birthday. Apparently, somewhere in the Cloud they think he's still alive, because I'm still getting messages on my computer to wish him a Happy Birthday.

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