Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 2579

Every day is full of surprises. I caught Dash drinking out of the toilet today and when I yelled at him to stop, it startled him and he backed up and flipped over the water bowl he should have been drinking out of, completely soaking a large rug that helps keep Dot steady as she walks from the bedroom to the hallway. It took me longer to clean up this mess than Dot's frequent peeing incidents.

I did manage to get Dot outside this morning before one of those incidents occurred, but it's so cold outside that the temperature in the house drops five degrees every time I leave the back door open for our quick dash to the back yard.

When it's below freezing outside it takes us almost as long to get ready for our walks as it does to walk. Dash wears a coat under his harness and Dot wears a different kind of coat over her harness. I wear several layers and have warm gloves and socks. Both dogs wear hats. My gloves are kind of pointless though, because I always have to take them off to pick up Dash's poop with a poop bag. A brisk wind made this morning's walk seem even colder. When we finally made it back to the house, I had no desire to go outside again.

I had several website updates to complete today, but these assignments seemed almost incidental. My real job was just making it through the day. Today, Dot was restless for most of the day. I walked her endlessly up and down the Hallway to burn off energy, but she just didn't want to go to sleep. The only way I was able to get anything done was to take a nap with her on the floor and then quietly get up and go back to the computer after I saw that she was asleep.

I think we all had cabin fever today. The dogs kept wanting to go outside and then immediately wanted to come in again when they realized how cold it was. I lost count of how many times we did this. In normal circumstances, I could just ignore the dogs for a while, but when Dot wants to go outside these days, she very often needs to pee. She can't hold it very long anymore. Unfortunately, she can't remember why she's outside very well either. It makes for a long day. This would have been a good day to download a good movie, but I didn't have that much free time. There's no point in watching a movie if you're interrupted every five minutes.

I got another assignment late in the day, but I'm not even going to look at it until tomorrow. I'm just too tired. I did manage to haul this week's trash out to the curb and with any luck I'll be able to go out for breakfast tomorrow. The work will get done, but I've got my priorities.

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