Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 2655 - April Fools Day

I honestly couldn't tell any difference between the April Fools fake news on Facebook and the regular fake news. It's all just blended together now. Everything is fake news. I realize now that there was fake news long before it became a political hot potato. Most health news on social media is fake. I still fall for those articles that tell you that drinking beer is actually healthy for you, or that drinking a glass of red wine is the equivalent of spending thirty minutes at the gym. I think people figured out long ago that if you tell people what they want to hear, most of them will believe it.

I paid my phone bill really early this month to avoid last month's ridiculous late charge. I paid in plenty of time last month, but AT&T still maintains that it took two weeks for them to get my check. I know they are messing with me. I looked at this month's bill and they have shortened the payment period so the bill is basically late when you receive it. I know they are trying to force me to switch to electronic payments. I get little flyers inside my bill every month urging me to switch. This month there was even a message on the envelope encouraging me to stop using the mail. More any more companies want to abandon dealing with paper in the worst way and I hate it. I've been using paper checks for my entire adult life and see no reason to change now.

I have a feeling that the grocery store is messing with me too. Once again there were no blueberries. I even went to the store early today, but it didn't matter. The store apparently wants me to shop on Monday. Could it really be that hard to stock the store with produce before the store opens on Saturday morning? Maybe so, but I don't believe it. Probably some efficiency expert discovered that they could save money by cutting back deliveries on items that would stay fresh in the store for several days.

I mowed the grass in the front yard this morning. I would have mowed the grass in the back yard too, except there isn't any. Basically we killed all the grass and most of the ground cover by walking around behind Dot while holding her up for the past year and a half. I'm going to replace the grass in the back later this month, but I don't expect it to last. If it stays green and pretty for six months, I guess that's enough. The grass in the front is certainly green enough, but on closer inspection, a lot of the green is just weeds. Underneath the grass is a whole lot of clover, which it probably doing its best to choke out the grass. I don't use any chemicals or fertilizers on the yard because of the dogs, but I think my desire to protect them has given nature the upper hand. Weeds seem to love me now.

Dot seemed weak today. She stumbled a lot when we took our short walks. Since I support her now at both her shoulders and her hips, she didn't fall, but I could tell she was having trouble walking. I hate to see this happen, but there is little I can do to stop it. Dot seems very susceptible to the weather. It was very humid for most of the day. Maybe that made her more tired than usual. Hopefully, after a good rest tonight, she'll feel better in the morning.

I remembered something that I really needed to pick up at the store while I was walking Dash this morning. By the time we got home, I had completely forgotten what the item was. I still don't remember. This happens a lot these days. I did remember to do my website updates this morning though. I remembered to turn on the dishwasher after breakfast too and clean the load of clothes that had piled up in the washer. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, but at least I'm still trying.

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