Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 2664

Another long rainy day. It was basically a typical Monday except it was wet. Luckily, we were able to get the dogs walked this morning before the rain started, but after that all bets were off. I can just feel my energy draining away when it rains. Everything takes longer and nothing goes smoothly. I'm not even sure that Dot even knows that its raining anymore. When I take her outside to pee, she still wanders around aimlessly, just like she does on a sunny day. I keep towels by the door on days like this because we get wet a lot. Dot eventually does pee on a rainy day, but Dash still refuses to go outside. He'll scratch at the back door and then stick his head out while he waits for me to stop the rain. I've tried to explain to him that I have no control over the weather but I don't think he gets the concept yet.

Both dogs were very needy today. Every time I tried to take a shower, go to the bathroom, or eat my dinner, one of them would start barking and demanding attention. When Dot finally did go to sleep, I let her sleep too long and she peed in her bed when she eventually woke up. I really need to remember to take her outside every two hours rain or shine. It's hard to clean Dot's paws on days like this because she can't stand up on her own. Often I just give up and let her track mud in the house. I can always clean the rugs later.

Since it was absolutely dismal outside, it was a good day for a project. I decided to hook up Apple TV to the network. Amazingly, there was still an available HDMI port on the TV and and an Ethernet port on the router. I was surprised at how easy it was to configure everything. Basically, my phone did all the work. I was prepared to learn new passwords and grow frustrated when the firewall blocked the new device, but everything worked like a charm. Apple has its faults, but they definitely know how to make installation easy.

The plan is to see what's available on Apple TV and then eventually cut the cord on cable. Cable bills are outrageous. We left Time Warner because they kept raising our rates year after year. Now AT&T is doing the same thing. You'd think that the cable companies would become more competitive now that more and more people are unbundling their services. What people really want is the ability to just buy the channels they actually watch. Who needs hundreds of channels you'll never look at?

I'm skeptical that this experiment will work, but it's worth a try. From what I saw today, it looks like there's a huge variety of things to watch on Apple TV. I guess the real question is whether buying shows on iTunes is any less expensive than paying for a cable bundle.

Wouldn't you know that the roofer would call me on a rainy day. He said that he'd gotten my messages and that I was on his list. That's never very reassuring on a rainy day. The roofer said he had to finish dealing with active leaks before he started on preventative maintenance. I told him to hurry up, or I was going to be one of those active leaks soon.

I'm still waiting for Dot to poop. It's been a while, so she'll probably get the urge while I'm brushing my teeth or getting ready for bed. I've cleaned up enough messes today, but I'm expecting one more. The weather report says the rain is going to stop tomorrow. Of course, it's supposed to start again on Wednesday. Hey, it's April in Texas. I'll take what I can get.

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