Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 2677

Yesterday was a fluke. The rare burst of energy Dot experienced appears to have vanished. She woke up shaky this morning and had trouble standing. She had difficulty swallowing her pills again. And an hour after finishing her breakfast, she threw up. Dot didn't seem to be in pain, but she did seem tired. The only remedy I could think of was a day of rest.

While Dot rested, I worked. The rug she threw up on needed to be cleaned. The sheets needed to be changed. And I really needed to get up on the roof and inspect the recent repairs. There was a lot of standing water to remove, but for the most part, the new patches have held up well. The crew missed two spots, but that wasn't surprising. They always miss something. I cleaned everything up and made a mental note to call the roofers again. I still think it would have been more effective to re-coat the entire roof with the new material, instead of coming out again and again to make patches. Eventually they will have re-coated the entire roof anyway.

By the time I got to the gym, I was already tired. I tried my best to keep my heart rate up and did end up burning a few more calories. I think one of the reasons my workout seems to be deteriorating is that I'm getting better on the basketball court. It use to take me forever to sink my self imposed quota of free throws and now I can make my shots fairly quickly. You'd think I'd just stay on the court longer, but I always do everything exactly the same. Once I've finished a routine that hasn't changed in several years, I'm out of there and on my way home. Things would probably be different if I actually enjoyed going to the gym.

It was an absolutely beautiful day today with clear blue skies and a nice breeze. It's too bad Dot wasn't feeling better. She loves this type of weather. Dash got a nice walk today and since Dot did perk up a bit as the day progressed, I took her out for a very short walk around sunset. I should have gone out and looked at the stars tonight because the sky was as clear as its been in months. Evenings are a fixed point in time though. I always have the blog to write. I feel compelled to never skip a day, and if a choice needs to be made, the blog always comes first.

Tomorrow morning, Dot comes first. We have an appointment to take her downtown to the physical therapy vet to get her evaluated and hopefully fitted for a doggie wheelchair. I think the plan is to try both two wheel and four wheel varieties. I'm not sure how Dot will respond to either. Some dogs know what to do immediately when fitted with wheels and others just stand there. There is definitely a learning curve with these things. Spot had a wheelchair towards the end of his life and he was always tipping it over by trying to walk up and over curbs. It helps if you have a dog who likes to walk in a straight line.

I wonder how long the allergy season will last this year? My nose is running. My eyes are watering. And I've completely used up my little bottle of Visine. I'll have to run down to CVS and get a new bottle tomorrow because I can't stand rubbing my eyes all day.

I sure hope I have some good news to report tomorrow about Dot's wheelchair. She loves to be outside, but just can't stand up very well. Maybe a set of wheels will help.

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