Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 2698 - Mother's Day

Mom died twenty seven years ago. She was a remarkable woman who had a much greater influence on her family than she imagined. Whatever shred of kindness or hope I have left probably came from her. From time to time I still wonder whether she would have approved of the person I've become.

I never saved family photos or childhood memories. My long term memory is abysmal. That's why I write things down. I wrote a story about Mom shortly after her death. I knew I would want to remember someday. Perhaps it means something that I never wrote anything when my Dad died thirteen years later.

In many ways Dot has occupied the role of Mother in our house for many years. She is territorial. Very protective. And she definitely made Dash a better dog. Right now, my memories of our years with Dot are much more vivid than my memories of Mom. I know these memories will fade too. All my memories fade. Maybe that is why I started this blog. It's mostly about life with Dot and Dash. I want to remember these times.

Janet still remembers all kinds of details about our first Dalmatian. I don't. I wrote an entire book about Spot because I wanted to remember those times too. These words are my memories. If I don't write it down, it probably means that I'd just as soon forget.

Dot is still eating very late at night. This is much better than not eating at all, but it gives her indigestion. There is usually a point about an hour after we all go to bed that Janet and I are both convinced that Dot is going to throw up. I take her outside and walk her around for a while. This seems to help and sometimes she pees again too. Eventually, she goes to sleep. I got up several times last night to take Dot outside. I didn't sleep well, but Dot didn't throw up. This new routine is OK on weekends because we can all sleep in late. It doesn't work so well on workdays though.

When both dogs eat their food and nobody throws up, I consider the day a success. Today was one of those days. Dot still won't eat in the morning, but I am becoming increasingly confident that she will eat at some point during the day. With Dash back to normal and Dot learning to eat again, I'm starting to feel that life doesn't have to be a perpetual crisis. I'm not going to get over confident though. Things can change rapidly when your dog is 120 in human years.

I had a good workout at the gym, but that's about as far as my motivation would take me. I really didn't accomplish much today. There are clean sheets on the bed. Dot got all her pills. And I managed to take a shower. That's about it. Maybe I'll be more productive tomorrow. It sure would help if both dogs decide to sleep all the way through the night. Fingers crossed.

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