Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 2757

When I woke up this morning, the swelling in my leg had subsided a bit. This was good news. I've been sleeping with my legs elevated for a while, but this was the first time I've seen any positive results. Of course, after I'd gotten up and walked around for a while, some of the swelling returned, but that was to be expected. I've already discovered that this recovery is going to be a three steps forward, two steps back kind of deal.

After I got dressed, I took my car up to the dealership for a required service appointment. This time, my loaner car was a sedan that sat pretty close to the ground. I've gotten so used to driving a big SUV that this car seemed strange and a bit uncomfortable. I like to be sitting up above the traffic, not down in it. I made it home safely and gradually got used to this new driving position, but I don't think I'll be buying a sedan or sports car any time soon. It's difficult to tell where the front wheels actually are when you turn a corner and more importantly, where do you put the dogs?

I spent the rest of the morning fixing breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen when I returned home. Why hurry? There certainly wasn't a lot on my calendar today. I'll be glad when I finish taking these antibiotics, since they're giving me an upset stomach. I'm hungry, but I don't really feel like eating anything.

I got my July invoices out this afternoon. This was the first time I'd used my upgraded accounting software for invoicing. I quickly discovered that my custom invoice template was gone. The software had reverted to a generic invoice template without the company logo and custom fonts. I guess I could have just used the generic template and saved a lot of time. I never do things the easy way though. I found another copy of my logo and recreated all my forms from scratch. Everything is fine now, but I still can't figure out why odd and unpredictable things have changed on my supposedly identical cloned hard drive.

Dash is becoming impatient with how long it is taking Janet and I to get back to normal. Our doctors have told both of us that we need lots of bed rest to heal properly, so we spend quite a bit of time just sitting in bed.  Janet watches movies on her iPad and I just sleep with my feet elevated on a stack of pillows. You'd think Dash would be fine with this, since he spends most of the day sleeping anyway. I try to tell him that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, but he's convinced that when we're home we should be either feeding or walking him. He'll usually settle down after a while, but I think he's bored.

If I have another night like I did last night, I might be back to normal relatively quickly. Even after a busy day, the swelling in my leg is still less than yesterday. I still have to change my bandages every day, but only the two deepest cuts haven't scabbed over yet. We are definitely making progress. My bandages are much smaller and easier to manage than they were last week and I don't have to wear the splint on my wrist all the time now. I don't think there is an infection, but I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow morning just to make sure. Maybe one more week and I can put this unfortunate episode behind me.

I haven't even thought about the eclipse for a while. Somehow, watching a solar eclipse seems unimportant compared to getting your arms and legs back in working order.

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