Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Day 2967

Someone has started throwing their trash in my garbage can. This shouldn't bother me, but it does. I always bag and seal my trash in big black trash bags. I have a neat and tidy bin. It just seems all wrong to see someone else's loose garbage inside this can. Since all my neighbors have their own cans, I'm beginning to think that this trash is coming from the strange new people I've seen coming and going from my neighbor's house recently. I may be wrong, but I think they've turned part of their home into an Airbnb rental. Jeez. I hope this isn't true. After I read an article about how Airbnb virtually destroyed Crested Butte for local residents, I haven't been a fan of this new form of lodging.

I wonder when I went from living on the cutting edge to being violently opposed to anything new? It must have been a gradual process, because I wasn't even aware that it was happening. These days I wonder why there isn't any good music anymore. I am baffled by all these ride sharing bicycles that have spread like kudzu vines through our city. I think social media addiction is as real as drug addiction and we would all be better off if we went back to living offline. I don't like globalism and think a factory in every small town would be much healthier than massive imports from China. Basically, I'm becoming a Luddite like my sister.

My Dad was kind of reactionary as he grew older, but I think I'm much worse than him. It's probably because I never had children. If you are a parent, you are forced to make an effort to see the world through a younger generation's eyes. Millennials seem much stranger to me than they do to friends of mine with millennial aged children of their own. Maybe everything is as it should be, but increasingly, life seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

I wonder how I'd view the world if I were younger myself? Maybe I'd be more tolerant. I'd probably be working in silicon valley. I'm a huge fan of Elon Musk and share his vision of a life on Mars. I can't imagine myself as a political person, but I could get excited about renewable energy and solar power. Anything that gives people more independence is a good thing. Maybe I'd do just fine as a millennial.

Growing younger isn't really in the cards, so I guess growing old gracefully is the next best thing. I get up every morning and try to make sure Dash has everything he needs. We're both grumpy old men now, but he is a good companion. We take our walks and build our days around mealtimes. It's not a bad life. I try not to panic about stock market fluctuations and I hope that Dash doesn't panic about his heartbeat fluctuations.

We had a good day today. Dash finished his entire breakfast after we returned from our morning walk and his appetite remained good for the rest of the day. The shivering episodes have subsided a bit too. Now that he's finished his four day course of Cerenia, I'm hoping that he will be stable for a while. The big event of the day was picking up some spicy Japanese Ramen for dinner. I picked up some new meds for Dash as well. We'll probably do something similar tomorrow.

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