Monday, April 2, 2018

Day 3021

Dash has had a rough day. He threw up a third time in the middle of the night and then appeared disoriented when I took him outside to pee. He didn't have much of an appetite this morning, although he did eat enough to take his pills. There were no walks today. For most of the day, Dash slept under a blanket in my office. While he was sleeping, I noticed that the involuntary tremors he sometimes experiences had returned. There are so many possible causes for these tremors that nobody has been able to pin down the cause. I discovered on the Internet that there is even something called "White Dog Shaker Syndrome" where dogs with a white coat, including Dalmatians, are more prone to involuntary tremors than other colors. I doubt that this is Dash's problem, since the tremors are also commonly caused by neurological problems. I wish there was something I could do to control the shivering, but none of his vets seem to have an answer.

The shivering spells, like his occasional vomiting, do seem to go away. If these symptoms are caused by his vestibular disease, he's going to have to deal with them for the rest of his life. Since Dash wasn't feeling well, I kept a close eye on him today. It's not like there's anywhere I really wanted to go anyway. It was a grey, gloomy day. Eventually, the tremors stopped and Dash ate a little food. Hopefully, a day of rest helped him. We'll see if he sleeps better tonight. With my luck he'll probably be up all night since he slept most of the day.

My accountant called today and said my tax returns were finished. The good news was that I don't owe the IRS anything. The bad news is that the company made very little money in 2017. I would have rather have had the opposite result. It's better to make a lot of money and owe tax on it than to have your company slowly disappear under your nose. My accountant hinted that next year might be a good time to officially retire. I'm still hoping that I'll get some good web design jobs this year, but's that's not very likely.

I'm glad I haven't put my Winter clothes away yet. It was really cold today. I was hoping that the chilly weather would invigorate Dash and get him moving again, but he wasn't having any part of it. We stayed in the house all day, and for most of that time, Dash was resting under a warm blanket. When it's cold outside, it always feels cold inside as well. The inside temperature is almost always 75 degrees, but it never feels the same. Today 75 felt pretty chilly. On a warm day this temperature often feels hot.

I hope Dash feels better tomorrow. I miss our daily walks. I didn't come close to my usual 10,000 steps today. I guess I could have gone on a walk by myself, but Dash was so shaky that I didn't want to leave him alone. It was a slow day. In addition to watching my dog sleep, I made an appointment to get a haircut and thought about getting a new iPhone. The last thing I need is a new phone, but that's never stopped me before.

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