Sunday, April 8, 2018

Day 3027

Dash seems to be feeling much better. He's eager to eat again and took two nice walks. I'm not surprised that he's eager to eat. Each time he has had a serious vestibular episode, we have to up the ante to get him to eat anything. After his last seizures, he refused to touch any of the many varieties of dog food we had on hand. In desperation, we boiled a chicken breast and tried feeding him that. He ate the chicken, but now he insists on having the chicken for breakfast every morning. I don't know what we've got left the next time this happens. He's probably going to want Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

When I went to the gym this morning I noticed that the workout app on my watch had changed. Now, instead of a simple heart rate and calorie counter, they had a separate routine for every machine in the  gym. Interval training, running, and even basketball were covered as well. I guess instead of just logging your time at the gym, you're supposed to log each activity and then arrive at a grand total when you're finished. This is probably more accurate, but it sure seems like a lot of trouble. Were people actually asking for this? Maybe. I suspect that some app developer just thought it would be cool and never considered how much of a nuisance this would be to use if you were actually exercising.

I went to the REI store to use my 20% off coupon and discovered that I no longer wear the same size pants. For years I have worn a 32x32 but now this size seems too long. Have I shrunk? It's certainly possible, although I'd hope that I'm still a bit too young for a shrinking stature. Clothing and shoe sizes are somewhat meaningless these days, so I'm not going to worry about turning into my Dad quite yet. The shorter inseam still seems strange though. Is it me or the pants?

I'm thinking about getting a new MIDI keyboard controller so I don't have to reboot the computer every time I want to practice the piano. I looked in the Sweetwater catalog and was surprised at how inexpensive these things have become. Full fledged synthesizers are still pretty pricy, but you can get a decent keyboard controller you hook up to your computer for under $100. The only problem is where to put the thing. There's a coat rack full of Winter coats where the old keyboard used to be. I always wanted to live in a huge loft where I would have room for everything. That's never going to happen though. Urban environments freak me out. My dream house lives on 40 acres of land without a neighbor in sight.

While I was driving to the gym, I listened to a program on the radio about how Adobe was developing advanced software for dialog replacement in movies that will let you just type in the new words you wanted the actor to say and the dialog will immediately be updated in the actor's real voice without recording anything new. This process was described as Photoshop for words. I'm sure production studios will love this. So will purveyors of fake news. Somewhere in Seattle a lab is developing something even more advanced for video. You will be able to take a video clip of anybody and make the face convincingly say completely different words. The lines between fantasy and reality are becoming hopelessly blurred. Can you imagine what the evening news will look like twenty years from now? Maybe these revelations seemed startling to me because I've worked in film and video for so long. I think it's time to stop tinkering around with reality. One day we'll look back and realize we've gone too far.

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