Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 3068

Janet enjoys watching royal weddings the same way I enjoy watching NASA launches. I think we've seen most of them. It doesn't seem that long ago that Charles and Dianna got married. It's easy to forget that William and Harry weren't even born then. Now, they're both married themselves. It's things like this that make you feel old.

I remember watching earlier royal weddings on a big, heavy Sony Trinitron with a CRT tube. The Internet and flat screen TV's didn't exist yet, but the queen looked the same and the cathedrals looked the same. Even the queen's royal Rolls Royce and the palace guards looked the same. I wish we had some traditions that stayed the same for thirty years. It doesn't take thirty minutes for something to change in this country.

I should be used to change after spending all these years taking care of Dot and Dash. Every day is a new day with Dash. I never know what he's going to eat, or when he's going to have enough energy to walk. Dash didn't eat much today, but at least he didn't throw up. We decided to try to finish his antibiotics, even though they might make him nauseous. If we stop the antibiotics now, they won't do any good. We've only got a few more days to go anyway. I though that it might be easier to feed Dash now that Janet is home, but she's having just as much trouble as I did. He's become an incredibly picky eater.

I went up to the Land Rover dealer this afternoon to get my oil changed, but the service manager said it would be better if I just waited until July when my next major service is due. "But the little sticker on my windshield says it time to change the oil now," I said. Apparently, the sticker means nothing. "Your oil is good for a year," the guy said. "Just come back in July. It's just as well that I did nothing today. The price for an oil change has doubled since the last time I had this done.

I'm going to have even more questions when I return in July. Why do I need a 90 thousand mile service when I've only got 47 thousand miles on the car? Apparently, the dealership wants to charge me a lot of money at least once a year whether I drive the car or not. I've only driven 3 thousand miles since my last major service. That isn't very much in a year. They need to have a special plan for low mileage drivers like me. I'll be dead before I put 90 thousand miles on this car.

I'm really getting sick of having heartburn. I found an old bottle of Protonix and took a pill this evening. I'll ask my doctor if it's OK to start using the Proton-Pump inhibitor again for a while. I took the drug for over ten years and it worked great, but new research indicates that long term use can cause bone density problems in older people. It's always something. I can't even remember what I started eating to make the heartburn go away. It was probably something I hated.

They say we're having the warmest May on record. I can believe it. It was really hot this afternoon. It's a shame that the weather isn't being cooperative. We have a hard enough time walking Dash in cold weather.

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