Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Day 3086

Some of the grass the guys installed yesterday looks dead. The landscaper said the sod was fine and would turn green after I watered it for a while. I doubt it. I've seen dead grass before. To add insult to injury, the grass was more expensive this year, even though it looks worse than last year's grass. I'll water the new turf faithfully for a few weeks. If the brown squares don't turn green, I'm going to demand a replacement. Believe it or not, I really don't enjoy complaining and wish that people would just do things right the first time.

I went to retrieve some art from the storage warehouse and was dismayed to discover that one piece had been damaged by humidity. The paper wasn't flat anymore and has developed some alarming ripples. I should have kept this lithograph at the house, but I ran out of space a long time ago. I called a good art conservator and explained my problem. She was convinced that the art could be saved, but warned me that the process took a long time and could get expensive. What a shame. I don't think this piece is going to the auction house.

Water is my enemy. I'm always fighting water. I had a really nice vintage guitar ruined by moisture several years ago. The shower pan leaks. The toilet runs. And I'm worried that I'm going to need a new water heater soon. If I water this new grass too much it will die. Conversely, if I don't water it enough, it will also die. Don't even get me started about the roof. My ongoing problems with the roof are all about water.

There are still a lot of e-mails going back and forth between me and the auction house. Consigning the model train collection was much easier. One of the hardest things about selling art is providing appropriate provenance for each piece you are planning to sell. It's not easy to find detailed records for things you bought forty years ago. My memory isn't that great anymore. I have no idea where some of this stuff came from.

I have an opportunity to apply for a chance to provide social media coverage for the launch of NASA’s Parker Solar Probe at the end of July. This sounds like fun, but it's probably too soon to participate in another one of these NASA social media events. I can't afford the three day event for starters, and taking care of Dash is still a team effort. I'm glad that NASA is still providing these opportunities for bloggers, because one of these days I'm definitely going to go cover another launch.

I think that this is the last day that NetworkedBlogs is in operation. If the site hasn't already shut down, it will tomorrow. I signed up for a new blog syndication service, but I don't know if it works yet. We'll see. The blog will still be published on Google's Blogger platform, but it you don't see it on Facebook or Twitter, it means that I haven't figured out how to use the new syndication service yet. I guess I could just share each night's post manually, but I haven't really figured out how to do this either. I'm sad to see NetworkedBlogs disappear. It's been a useful tool for many years.

Dash has his big follow-up exam at the cancer center tomorrow morning. Wish us luck. Tomorrow's test will determine if the blood clot in Dash's heart is really gone. Hopefully, this final echocardiogram will confirm that the clot has completely dissolved and is gone forever.  It's always good to have one less thing to worry about.

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