Saturday, September 1, 2018

Day 3173

Every time I see one of these celebrity funerals on TV, my first thought is "Damn, I'll be lucky if ten people show up for my funeral." It's odd who we choose to remember. I've known some amazing people who were promptly forgotten as soon as they were in the ground. That being said, I'll give Aretha the win for this weekend's funeral fest. It's hard to compete with a hundred pink Cadillacs and a complete outfit change every time the casket was moved. Oh, and I almost forgot the minister who groped Ariana Grande during the service and said her name reminded him of something on the Taco Bell menu.

I think there ought to be services for dogs. I'm talking about real formal services with prayers and eulogies. Why not? I know a lot of people who were more upset when their dog died than a family member. I'm probably one of these people. I have mixed feelings about family. I've never had mixed feelings about dogs. Dogs should live a lot longer. They're around just long enough to become our best friends and then they're gone.

I'm glad Dash is still around. When he gets me up several time during the night like he did last night, I think he's going to outlive me. Dot and Dash both seem to be the Energizer Bunnies of their breed. Dash has had so many close calls and he's still waiting at the back door for his walk every morning. He's amazing. Sure, he gets tired easily, seems confused, doesn't have much of an appetite, and stumbles a lot, but so do I. Dash is definitely following in Dot's footsteps. These two have been an inspiration. I'll often look at Dash at night and think "If this little guy can overcome his problems, the least I could do is overcome mine. Without dogs, I probably never would have learned to live in the moment.

The model trains are continuing to sell. On the first of every month I get a report and four or five more pieces are gone. It could take years to sell the collection at this rate, but one by one each model is finding a new home. These models seemed so special when I got them years ago and now the proceeds are just being used to pay utility bills. I guess this makes sense. It would be really silly to sell one collection and just use the money to start collecting something else.

Today was uneventful. I bought fresh fruit at the grocery store, filled the car with gas, mowed the lawn in the back yard, and cleaned up dog poop. Dash outdid himself last night, but at least the mess was outside.

Can you believe it's September already? Dash took his heartworm pill this morning. I'm going to be optimistic and get him another six month supply. Dash is full of surprises. He may still be with us this time next year. I can tell the days are already starting to get shorter. I'm not looking forward to Winter, but I'm definitely looking forward to Fall.

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