Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day 3234

When I wake up tired, the entire day seems to move in slow motion. It seemed to take forever to make the bed this morning. Dash's morning walk took even longer. By the time I finished breakfast and did the dishes, it was almost noon. This is what happens when Dash keeps me up at night.

I can never predict when Dash will poop in the house. It happens fairly often though. There's no alternative to cleaning things up immediately. First of all there's the smell. If you waited until morning to clean up the mess, someone would inevitably step in it on their way to the bathroom. We never had these problems when Dot became incontinent. I'd just place a disposable puppy training pad under her butt before we went to sleep and she usually hit the target. I even got to the point where I could remove the soiled pad and replace it with a clean one without waking her up. Dash is more of a challenge.

I wrote a letter to my sister after breakfast so I could take it to the post office on my way to the storage warehouse. I was basically just trying to avoid going to the storage warehouse too soon. It was a nice day today, so I had no excuses. My plan now is to move the things I know I need to keep first and then see what's left. I moved some computer equipment today that is still recent enough that I could put it back into service if necessary. I actually like these older computers better than my current setup, but the software companies are holding me hostage. I can't run current versions of most of my essential software on older machines.

I only transferred one car load of stuff today. I'll never get everything moved at this rate, but like I said, I was tired. When I picked up meds for Dash today I learned that he needs a special blood test before this prescription can be renewed again. I'll add this test to the list. It seems like we're already testing him for just about everything.

I got the schedule for Dalmatian Rescue Christmas Santa Paws pictures today. Usually I worry about whether my equipment will still work. Now I'm more concerned about whether I still work. As I've been moving things at the storage warehouse it's pretty obvious that my aging body isn't up to the challenge anymore. My knees hurt. My back hurts. And my wrists hurt. How did this happen? I felt in tip top shape as recently as five years ago.

I've taken the trash out to the curb and the last load of wash is in the dryer. I still can't decide where to go for breakfast tomorrow though. Right now, sleeping in late and eating a stale donut sounds pretty good.

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