Monday, November 5, 2018

Day 3238

I try to move a little bit every day. Sometimes it seems like a lost cause. I've lost count of the number of carloads I've moved and yet the storage warehouse still seems full. Today Janet and I worked together to clean out our respective units. Her goal is loftier than mine. Instead of moving to a new warehouse, she wants to quit storing things entirely. I found more stuff she could take to the charity shop while I continued to move items to my new warehouse.

I decided that my days as a hobby watch repairman are over. I still had a lot of boxes of old watch parts that I'd bought on eBay years ago. I gathered everything together and took it to a watch repairman in the neighborhood who used to fix things for me. "Do you want this stuff," I asked. I knew he would, because this guy can't get rid of anything. Maybe he'll find something useful. I felt good. This certainly beat throwing everything in a dumpster.

I've bought a lot of useless stuff on eBay over the years, but have absolutely no interest in selling things on eBay. I don't want to deal with buyers. Buyers are nothing buy trouble. That's why I like auction houses so much. They insulate you from the buyer. Actually, they won't even tell you who the buyer is. The auction houses have been very nice to me. It's too bad they aren't interested in junk. I think I've run out of things that an auction house would be interested in.

Dash pooped all over the place today. He couldn't seem to make it outside at all. For the first time he made a mess on the bedroom carpet. The bricks are easy to clean. Even bedding can be thrown in the laundry. Carpet is much more difficult. You always hope for firm, hard poop if it lands on the carpet. No such luck this morning. I think I finally got everything clean, but it took a while. Dash must have felt bad about making the mess, because he actually helped me clean it up. He's got a good nose for poop. If he's still smelling an area, I know I haven't cleaned it well enough. It took a few tries but everything is fine now. Dash approves.

The warehouse move is really taking a toll on my body. In addition to lower back pain and a bad shoulder, I now have a charlie horse in my right leg. All these aches and pains have come from trying to lift something that was too heavy. Today I moved a large commercial SEAL dry mount press. These things are very heavy.  It's amazing how well equipped I was back in the day. Not every photographer has a dry mount press this big. These days, I bet a lot of young photographers don't even know what a dry mount press is.

When I was walking Dash this evening I kept wishing he would slow down. You already know how slow Dash is. That's how bad my charlie horse was. Maybe my leg will feel better in the morning. I certainly hope so. I'm glad I voted early. The last thing I feel like doing is standing in a long line tomorrow.

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