Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Day 3246

We had our first freeze last night. I know this happens every year, but the sight of ice in the backyard bird bath always seems ominous to me. Has the water on the roof turned to ice as well? Will a pipe freeze? What happens when I need to clean poop off a bedspread and the backyard hose is frozen? I've always been a worrier and Winter just gives you more to worry about.

Nothing bad happened today. There was a stiff wind when we woke up and it felt like we were headed to the South Pole on our morning walk, but Dash seemed to love it. Our dogs have always appreciated Winter more than I do. I think Dash had more energy than I did this morning, but then I was the one picking up poop last night. Dash was already back to sleep before I had everything cleaned up and in the washing machine. At least Dash stayed on his protective blanket. Cleanup was relatively easy.

The furnace is working great. I hope this continues. Memories of furnace failures on very cold mornings continue to haunt me. At least there is a brand new battery in the car. I can remember a few battery failures on cold mornings as well. There's the washing machine to think about too. When you have an incontinent dog, you need a good, reliable washing machine. I think it drives Janet nuts that I am always fretting about something, but that's the way I am.

I made an appointment to see an eye doctor today. It's been decades since I've had my eyes examined, but I guess it's about time. Ostensibly, the exam is to make sure I don't have any diabetes related problems, but I'm kind of wondering if I'll pass the eye exam when I get my driver's license renewed. For most of my life I've had perfect vision, but staring at a computer screen for many years has taken its toll. My distance vision is still good, but I can't see anything up close without my readers. Hopefully, I won't need to wear glasses. I don't think I'd have the the nerve to have Lasik Surgery even if I needed it. Everything I've done professionally had required good vision. If I had to choose, I'll choose glasses. I wouldn't even wear contacts. Too many fears about eye infections.

It was so cold that I had no desire to leave the house today. I looked for something to watch on TV and found Mars. I don't know why I'd never watched this National Geographic Channel show before. It's already in Season Two and I've never seen a single episode until today. The show is actually pretty good. It seems to be half sci-fi drama and half documentary. I streamed the first episode this afternoon. There are quite a few more, so I should have something to do on cold days for the rest of the Winter.

Pooping in the bed was only the beginning for Dash. He didn't even make an effort to go outside today and pooped all over the house. Hey Buddy, I know it's cold, but you can still try to go in the yard. Jeez, at least make an effort. Cleaning the rugs and carpets is difficult.

At least the roof leak has stopped. That's something. Dash has pooped so much today that maybe he'll sleep all night. A guy can always hope.

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