Friday, January 11, 2019

Day 3305

Today was full of inconsistencies. When I returned from taking Dash on his morning walk, his breakfast wasn't in his bowl like it usually is. Hmm. Did he eat before I got up this morning? Was his regular bowl of chicken still in the refrigerator? I couldn't find it anywhere. I couldn't ask Dash and Janet was already gone. I didn't want to feed Dash twice, but he seemed hungry so I fed him some dry kibble that he usually likes. When Janet got home, I asked her about the breakfast. "Did you look in the microwave," she asked? Nope. Why would I look there? No harm was done. Dash ate his chicken for lunch. When I went to the hotel for breakfast, the regular chef wasn't there. The customers didn't seem normal either. Two ladies with diamond encrusted wristwatches at the next table were comparing their friends divorce settlements. Another couple nearby returned their meals without eating them. I knew what they were eating and there was nothing wrong with the food. I've ordered the same thing many times. Another customer wanted to specify exactly the type of fruit she was going to get in her fruit bowl. Evidently pineapples and bananas were unacceptable. Everyone seemed picky and extremely demanding today. The substitute chef undercooked my French Toast a bit but I would never return a meal. Mom taught me to eat what was put in front of me. That being said, I hope the regular chef returns. I like consistency.

There has been a light rain for most of the day, but so far there is no water in the house. This is a good sign, but we're not out of the woods yet. Sometimes it takes hours for the water to penetrate the roof and find its way inside. I've got buckets ready, but hopefully I won't need them tonight. Even if the roof survives this rain, it's going to be hard to ever trust it again. This thing is just a disaster waiting to happen.

The rain was intermittent today, so Dash got both his walks. I'm surprised that he still enjoys walking as much as he does. I'm providing a lot of support lately with a leash at both ends of his special harness. My function is similar to a spotter for a weightlifter. When I sense that Dash is starting to stumble, I keep him upright. Without this assistance, I doubt that he could walk very far.

I can't decide whether to leave the pumps on tonight. They do a good job of keeping the water level from getting too high on the roof, but if the rain stops and they run dry for very long, the motor burns out. I used to have a pump with a built-in sensor that would automatically turn the pump on and off when the water reached a specified level. I used this pump on another flat roofed home I owned for many years until it eventually wore out. Nobody makes this type of pump anymore. I've looked and looked. Not surprisingly, the old metal pump was made in the USA. The new ABS plastic pumps are all made in China.

I still can't bring myself to wear my new work boots. This is getting ridiculous. I wore them around the house for a while today to make sure I'd gotten the right size. They aren't house slippers though. These are boots meant for rainy days like today.

Like always, I'm hoping for a good nights sleep. I certainly didn't get one last night. I imagine that I'll wake up several times tonight, listening carefully for the sound of dripping water.

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