Monday, January 14, 2019

Day 3308

We tried using the new left side leg brace by itself today. Dash didn't approve. Even though both rear legs are weak, a brace on the left leg doesn't seem to provide any additional stability. The brace actually made it harder for Dash to walk, so we quickly took it off and went back to using the other brace made for his right leg. Dash probably hates all this experimenting, but we're really trying our best to make life better for him.

I was pleasantly surprised that I had no heartburn last night. I still can't figure out what the magic food groups are. Sometimes things that are mild give me heartburn and other times spicy things don't. We had a stuffed pork roast last night with mashed potatoes and root vegetables. I guess this is safer than chili, pizza, or spaghetti. Maybe my reflux problems have nothing to do with what I eat. I suspect they do though. Pizza always causes problems.

At least Dash's eating problems have vanished. He has a good appetite now and hasn't thrown up in months. I'm happy that we have one less thing to worry about, but I'm still not sure what happened. Nothing medically has changed. At some point we gave up on all the food that vets were recommending and Janet started cooking for Dash herself. He eats a cubed fresh chicken breast for breakfast and a mix of chicken, brown rice, and vegetables for dinner. He's even gaining a little weight again, which his doctors think is a good thing.

A roofer knocked on my door this morning and asked if I was having roof problems. How did he know? The guy came with no references and his business card said he specialized in installing gutters. Nope. I politely told him that I already had a roofer. The last thing I need are a bunch of random roofers knocking on my door. This happens occasionally after a big wind storm. Most of these roofers are worthless. I will need a new roof soon enough, but the person who gets the job will need good references. Even a great roofer is going to have problems with my roof.

I was supposed to receive a payment from one of the auction houses today, but it got delayed again. Auctions require a certain amount of patience. Nothing happens quickly. I started consigning things last Summer and we're still not done yet. So far, everything has sold though. That's a good thing even if there is a long wait.

I think the wait to get the house shipshape again is going to be endless. I've lost count of all the things that need to be fixed. Today I thought I'd clean the shower tiles to see if there were cracks that I'd overlooked. There were. If the tile guys had installed the shower pan properly in the first place I don't think I'd be having these problems. Water leaks into the shower pan from small cracks in the tiles, but it doesn't drain properly like it should. Water that finds it way into the shower pan should just go down the drain. Instead, it builds up in the pan and eventually starts flowing out of cracks where the shower walls meet the floor. Regrouting the tiles would be easy, but it won't prove anything unless the shower pan is fixed first. All my problems are like this. They're not as easy to fix as they might seem.

I've got an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow. Maybe this will be more exciting than cleaning shower tiles. Hopefully, the weather will be warmer. I'm still freezing.

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