Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day 3311

Every once in a while I look at posts from previous years. Apparently not much changes on January 17. It's usually cold and rainy. I've either just gotten or am about to get a haircut. Maybe the dogs were healthy at some point, but not in recent years. It was obvious from a quick glance at my past that Dot and Dash have been sick for a very long time. I wonder how long it's been since I was genuinely excited about something. I couldn't find anything. Read in sequential order, each day just seemed like I was living in an endless boot camp.

Hey, I'm always the one who says he loves consistency. I guess I shouldn't complain. Life has been consistent. Today was certainly a typical January day. It was cold and damp, but that didn't keep us from walking. Dash was even slower than usual because Janet had an appointment this morning and he had no one to follow. When we walk alone it often feels like we just walk in circles. Eventually, we made it home. Dash is forgetful now but he still remembers the way home.

Dash wasn't on a puppy pad when he pooped in the bed last night, so there was lots of laundry this morning. I wish he'd learn to sleep in the center of the bed. It would make life so much easier if he'd just stay on his protective bedding. Whatever we do, he always ends up right on the edge of his blanket. At least I've got cleanup down to a science. Janet and I have become quite efficient when an accident happens at night. Out with the soiled stuff. In with pre-positioned replacement bedding. And back to sleep we go. Oddly, it all seems normal now.

Actually, all the chaos in the world just seems normal now. It's hard to get alarmed when the same old shit keeps happening over and over again. Maybe I'll get used to stock market volatility someday. Political volatility is here to stay as well. If Trump eventually gets his wall, the next administration will just tear it down again. I see an endless series of eight year cycles where each incoming president is determined to erase the accomplishments of the previous one. Maybe China has the answer. Their plan seems to be totalitarian rule but still let people have nice stuff.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of ads for breakfast restaurants on my Facebook feed. This is odd. I talk a lot about breakfast on my blog, but I never post anything directly on Facebook. How do they know? All there is on my timeline is a daily link to my latest blog post. Does a Facebook robot follow each link and try to figure out your personality? I wouldn't doubt it. If they do figure something out, I wish they'd let me know. I  could use the information. Actually some of the restaurants that have been turning up in my feed look interesting. Maybe I'll go try one out tomorrow.

Hard to believe it's almost Friday again. The trash has been taken out to the curb. I'm getting a grocery list together for Saturday. Dash has already taken his evening meds. I should just look at last years post to see what I need to do tomorrow.

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