Thursday, February 21, 2019

Day 3346

Rain keeps getting in the way. Dash was surprisingly strong this morning and wanted to walk. I've learned to be ready for these moments, so we put on Dash's boots and off we went. Unfortunately we didn't get far. The rain that was supposed to arrive in an hour arrived in less than five minutes. When we heard thunder, Dash wisely turned around and we headed for home.

Dash went to sleep after I dried him off and I returned to making the bed and fixing my breakfast. All it took was a quick look out the kitchen window to know that it was going to be another long, wet Winter day. While I was finishing breakfast I listened the the press conference with the Chicago police department where the head of detectives laid out a detailed time line showing how they determined that  Jussie Smollett staged the hate crime attack on himself. What was Smollett thinking? He paid the Nigerian brothers with a personal check. Surveillance cameras showed the brothers purchasing all the items used in the fake attack. The brothers confessed to being accomplices in the stunt. There were even phone records confirming that Smollett talked extensively with the brothers both before and after the staged attack. This guy calls himself an actor, be he clearly hadn't watched enough episodes of Columbo. In the end the detectives usually get their man.

Almost every day I think our divided country has reached a new low. Then I turn on the TV and realize that we can still go a lot lower. Although this fake hate crime opened a dismal new chapter in this ongoing story, I still have a small amount of hope for the country. Down in Florida, Space X launched a used Falcon 9 rocket for the third time carrying three different satellites from three different countries. One of them was headed for the moon. I hope the little Israeli lunar lander makes it. I'd much rather hear a success story about Jews on the Moon than a sad story about anti-Semitism.

Dash eventually did get a walk today. It was cold and damp, but at least it wasn't raining. I think these walks are important. They keep Dash motivated. Around the house, he stumbles a lot and gets depressed. The park is filled with animal smells and Dash has a reason to keep going. Walking helps keep his muscles from atrophying. The walks probably help me as well. I'd never get close to my 10,000 steps a day goal without them.

I paid a bunch of February bills this afternoon and took them to the post office. How can an uneventful life be so expensive? The big bill this month was car insurance. Maybe I should let the insurance company put that little tracker in my car after all. They say it could lower my rates by 20%. Why am I suspicious? I have a feeling that it could also raise my rates.

The week's trash has been taken to the curb. This evening's Space X launch was flawless. Dash got his walk today and finished eating all his meals. The roof still isn't leaking. Hey, measured by these low standards, I guess that today was a success.

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