Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 3364

Today was interesting. Actually it was pretty amazing. I got to sit inside an Orion capsule that will be taking four astronauts back to the moon. I got to drive a moon buggy simulator used to train a new generation of astronauts. I got to experience a very realistic virtual reality spacewalk around a space station that will someday orbit the moon. An active duty astronaut explained how a special low gravity simulator was being used to train people to walk and work on Mars. A NASA geologist showed us rocks that Neil Armstrong collected on the moon. This all happened at the Johnson Space Center in Houston where I and several other lucky people were the guests of NASA for the day.

I'm really glad I was able to accept the invitation to get a briefing on NASA's plans to return to the moon and beyond. It was weird to see the last remaining Saturn 5 at Rocket Park and realize that it's been fifty years since anyone was serious about returning to the moon. It looks like the day has finally arrived. I was amazed at how far the planning has come in recent years. The work going on at Johnson Space Center is very impressive

I haven't traveled in a while, so this seemed like a really long day. I got up early, flew to Houston, spent the day at the Johnson Space Center, and then returned to Dallas this evening. A lot has changed since my last travels. Everything is done using your phone now. I booked my flight on my phone. My boarding pass was displayed on my phone. There was even a coupon for a free drink on my phone.

No more waiting for taxis either. I found an Uber driver to take me to and from the space center using my phone. It was all easy and surprisingly affordable. Even tips were handled electronically using the phone. It's weird how quickly all this has changed. Probably the next time I take a trip, there will be self driving cars.

I was going to get something to eat at the airport, but I ran out of time. I didn't anticipate how much rush hour traffic and long lines can slow things down. I didn't miss my flights, but I came pretty close.   I should go without eating more often. It's probably the only way I'm ever going to lose weight.

Janet said that Dash did fine while I was away. I hope he was glad to see me again. It was good to get away for a little while, but I'm not all that eager to rejoin a world of traffic jams and long lines. It's easy to forget just how busy the world really is when you're not rushing to get your shoes back on before your plane boards after a lengthy TSA check at the airport. A world of slow walks with your dog in the park is much more relaxing. Tomorrow, it will be back to drinking fruit smoothies and cleaning up dog poop, but today was pretty special. Thanks for a great day NASA.

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