Saturday, April 27, 2019

Day 3411

All the unused and expired meds in the house are gone. I took Dash's unused meds to our vet where they will be used to treat rescue animals. My own meds were a little harder to dispose of. I went to the location listed on the disposal day brochure and they told me they were full. "How can you be full," I asked. "You only opened five minutes ago." No explanation. They just told me again that they couldn't take the meds. Several other people with bags of expired medications seemed just as frustrated as I was. Why would someone print a brochure and list this location as the place to take your expired meds if they were going to refuse to take them?

The pharmacist did give me an alternate location to take the pills. This location wasn't listed on the brochure at all and was a lot further away. Since the takeback program was a one day event, I didn't want to wait another year. I reluctantly drove to the alternate location. This new location seemed eager to take my meds. There were lots of volunteers with event t-shirts and four big buckets where you could drop the meds. I thought they were going to check and see what I had, but they didn't seem to care. As I got ready to return to the car they tried to give me a frisbee and a deck of cards printed with the takeback event logo. I declined. The whole point of getting rid of the meds was to reduce the clutter in the house. There was no point in bringing back more clutter.

By the time I finished my weekly grocery shopping and was ready to take my walk, it was already pretty warm. I would have rather stayed inside, but I'm determined to continue walking at least 10,000 steps a day. The park was really busy this afternoon. There was a small music festival near the shoreline with a decent sized crowd. The musicians got lucky. They placed their stage in exactly the same spot were the little circus was last year. You might remember that the little circus got flooded out by weeks of heavy rains. No rain today. It was actually quite nice outside. There was a time when I would have stopped and listened to the music. Not today. The only thing I was interested in was finishing my three miles.

I went to a fundraiser with Janet tonight. I've skipped this event for several years since I needed to stay home and care for the dogs. There was no reason to stay home tonight. There's nothing interesting on TV and it really doesn't take that long to write the blog. We had a nice dinner, played roulette at the casino party, and enjoyed the concert. I can't see making a habit of going out at night, but it didn't kill me to do something different. We had a good time.

I doubt that I'll do anything different tomorrow. It's time to go to the gym again. I should probably mow the grass as well. I could always procrastinate, but the job will only be worse next week.

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