Saturday, May 11, 2019

Day 3425

Nothing to see here. Today was about what you'd expect for a rainy day. The thunder was loud enough last night to wake me up several times. I moved the chairs out of the way that get wet when the roof leaks and went back to bed. When I woke up this morning I discovered that one of the pumps had quit working. As soon as it was light enough, I climbed up on the roof in the rain to unclog the pump. You'd think all the catkins would be gone by now, but they're still falling from the Oak trees. When the pumps suck water from the roof, they also suck these catkins floating on the water into the filter and the pump clogs and quits working. It's irritating, but relatively easy to fix.

When the pumps were working again, we ate breakfast and made our grocery lists. Janet and I both get groceries but we each get different things. There was no avoiding driving in the rain today. We had things to do. Errands don't take as long these days because there is nothing to pick up for Dash. As he grew older, Dash has a grocery list that was just as long as ours. I've noticed that Peaches are back in the stores, but I'm not seeing the really good Georgia peaches yet. Clingstone peaches should be available soon and then Freestone peaches will start to be harvested later this Summer. I'm not a huge fan of grocery shopping, but it's a lot more enjoyable when I can find the things I like.

Around 2 PM the rain stopped and the weather radar looked clear for the rest of the day. I put on my boots and got started on my walk. For some reason I was slower than usual today. I'd like to think that my body runs like a well oiled machine, but like most people I have good days and bad days. I suspect that my energy level has a lot to do with what I eat. We had fried chicken last night. The tastier the meal, the more sluggish I become.

I saw lots of Barn Swallows today. These small birds fly low and fast over the water, catching insects in the air. I sometimes get Swallows and Swifts confused. but I think these were Swallows. They were smaller than Chimney Swifts and had a rust colored underbelly. I didn't feel like looking for Owls or Egrets. I felt tired today.

If it's clear tomorrow I guess I'll have to go clear the remaining water off the roof. I don't enjoy this task at all, but since I've become more diligent, the roof hasn't leaked again. Actually we haven't had a leak in a long time. I'm beginning to think that the one leak we had after the repairs were made was water that was already inside the house. There's no way of knowing what is going on between the exterior of the roof and the sheetrock on the ceiling. This one foot space is filled with insulation and is probably a haven for bugs and ants. I wouldn't be surprised if there are places where water is trapped.

Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow. I'm not counting on it. I'll go to the gym and if I remember I'll stop at the store and pick up some more beer on the way home. I like a brew called Local Buzz. Pizza and burgers go better with beer. Since both of these things give me heartburn, a six pack of beer often lasts a month. Most of the time I just drink water.

Like I said, nothing to see here, except maybe a few water drops on the daisies in the park.

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