Monday, August 12, 2019

Day 3518

All the Dalmatians seemed happy today. Hank was his usual exuberant self, chasing a red rubber ball around the room, but it was hard to tell whether his problems are over. He's still taking a lot of meds and he's only been on his new diet a few days. So far, so good though. The kennel staff have seen no evidence of further bleeding.

Rolly seemed more relaxed than he was last week and seems to be gaining a little weight. He will be ready to start his heartworm treatment soon. Treasure and Charlie continue to show improvements. Charlie even walks well on a leash now. I am amazed at the progress he's made since he initially entered the rescue program. The kennel is kind of a halfway house where these guys can safely make the transition from street dogs to family dogs. I look forward to seeing each of them find their forever homes.

Just before I shut the computer off last night I felt something crawling on my arm. As I reached to brush the intruder away, it bit me. What the hell was this thing? The bite stung like a wasp, but the bug had no wings and didn't fly. I looked it up on the Internet and discovered that it was called a milkweed assassin bug. Their prey usually includes other small bugs, bees, flies, and caterpillars that they immobilize with a paralyzing toxin. These insects, which are also called Wheel Bugs  don't typically bite humans, but when they do they can leave a nasty welt. I was glad to discover that the painful bites weren't really harmful. By morning the welt had gone away.

I received my author copies of Spaceflight Magazine today. The magazine wasn't really a surprise since I'd already gotten a PDF copy of the September issue. It was nice to receive some printed copies though. I added the magazines to a small stack of Dalmatian Quarterly magazines on a shelf in my office. For someone who has been a writer for as long as I have, my published works are few and far between. I guess I haven't tried very hard. I've never had any desire to write the great American Novel. Writing ads and TV commercials was fine by me. The pay was good and for the most part the job was fun. I'll probably never know whether I could have succeeded as another type of writer. Could I have become a syndicated humor columnist like Dave Barry? I always enjoyed reading his columns back when people still read newspapers. Who am I kidding. I'm a blogger. I like being a blogger.

I keep getting these little blotches on my arms when I walk in the sun. The blotches are clearly tiny little pools of blood. Maybe this is what age spots actually are. I need to ask my doctor whether I should stop taking low dose aspirin and fish oil. These are mild blood thinners that can help prevent heart attacks, but they probably make it easier to bleed when you are sweating profusely. The blotches disappear after about three weeks, so I don't think they are harmful, but maybe I ought to get a second opinion. Unnecessary bleeding can't be a good thing.

It looks like it's going to be another hot day tomorrow. I know we have had hotter Summers in the past, but memories fade quickly. In my mind, this seems like the hottest Summer ever. I'm ready for Winter. I'm even ready for rain.

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