Monday, October 14, 2019

Day 3581

The Dalmatians are all doing well. We spent some extra time with Sock today, trying to help him become more comfortable outside his kennel run. He's relaxed a lot since he initially entered the rescue program, but he still doesn't like to go outside like the other dogs. The large play areas at the kennel make him feel nervous and the only place he seems to feel safe and secure is in his own bed. We're making progress but it takes patience. Each time we visit we try to get him comfortable with being in a slightly larger space. Sock is a very sweet dog and over time he'll learn that nothing bad is going to happen to him again.

Jasmine and Jelly Bean were fearful like Sock in the beginning, but they are both playful and trusting now. What a transformation in less than a month. Now that Treasure's stitches are out, she's is back to her normal happy self and doesn't need to wear a cone anymore. Hank continues to slowly gain weight and Charlie is becoming much more predictable. Some of these dogs have had a hard life and we want them to be relaxed and well socialized before they go to their forever homes. The nice thing about dogs is they almost always respond well to being treated well. If only people were this way.

I wonder how long it's going to be before I'm able to get the roof patched. This is usually the rainy season and from now through the end of the year it's going to be difficult for the roof to dry out enough to apply the coating before it rains again. Two days isn't enough time, especially when the weather is turning cooler. The roof was almost dry enough yesterday, but I knew it was going to rain today. Sure enough, the rain arrived right on schedule. All I can do is keep the pumps running when it rains and try to keep things as dry as possible. I knew this was coming. That's why I kept begging for the silicon product all Summer.

I took a shorter walk this morning because I knew we were going to visit the Dalmatians. I thought I'd continue my walk when we returned home, but it was raining by then. When the rain subsided to a gentle sprinkle, I decided to walk anyway. There really isn't much difference between being rained on and getting sweaty on a hot day. I didn't really need to walk this afternoon, but there wasn't much else to do. I'm addicted to the Fitbit steps as well. Given a choice, I'd much prefer being active to watching Netflix movies.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the dentist. I've grown tired of wearing the two broken halves of my old retainer every night so I'm going to have the dentist make me a new one. The retainer is supposed to keep my upper wisdom teeth from continuing to grow downward after I had the lower ones removed. Is this flimsy piece of plastic effective? Who knows.

I wish I didn't wake up tired all the time. I get plenty of sleep now, but I still hate to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe tomorrow will be different. Nah. Who am I kidding.

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