Thursday, October 24, 2019

Day 3591

I watched the sky turn from partly cloudy to gun metal grey as I took my walk this morning. It was clear that more rain was on the way. I tried to get everything I needed to do finished before the rain arrived. I was pleased that I was able to complete my five mile walk without getting wet. I went to the bank without getting wet as well. I thought about going to the grocery store, but I found some left overs in the refrigerator and decided not to push my luck.

I made reservations for Thanksgiving Dinner when I completed my errands. We go to the same place every year and I've finally learned that you can't make these reservations too early. Apparently a lot of other people have decided that they're just as tired of cooking on Thanksgiving as we are. Thanksgiving is exceptionally late this year. It is always the fourth Thursday in November, but this year the holiday seems way too close to Christmas.

I'm not very energetic on a normal day, but on a rainy day I find it hard to even move. Everything seems like it can wait until the rain stops. I spend my time checking the weather forecast, checking the roof pumps to make sure water is flowing, and looking suspiciously at the ceiling for signs of a leak. When Dot and Dash were with us, we were like peas in a pod. All three of us hated rain. I've spent lots of time curled up with the dogs on rainy days.

I almost forgot to take the trash to the curb this evening. My instinct for avoiding getting wet overpowered my instinct to always have the week's trash ready for Friday morning pickup. Luckily, Janet reminded me that it was trash day. When I hauled the wet trash can to the curb, I noticed that everyone's bulky trash was still sitting on the curb as well. A quick Google search conformed what I suspected. Bulky trash pickup for October has been suspended because all trucks are needed for the tornado cleanup effort.

I need to remember that early voting starts tomorrow in Texas. Ballot propositions often seem like a lot of mumbo-jumbo to me, but this year there's one that I definitely feel should pass. Proposition 10 is a constitutional amendment that would allow municipalities to transfer retiring police dogs and horses without charge to their handlers on the animals retirement. Currently retiring police dogs are considered surplus property and they can be disposed of like any other surplus property. It is completely legal for a city to just have their retiring dogs put down. This is clearly wrong. Service dogs develop a strong bond with their handlers and they should be able to continue to spend their remaining days with them on retirement. I'll never tell you how to vote for president, but I think that old dogs deserve respect. If you live in Texas, I hope you vote yes on Proposition 10.

It looks like it is going to rain all night. Do I leave the pumps running all night? If it keeps raining, this is probably a good idea. If the rain stops, it is a bad idea. I've burned out pumps before. Either way, I'll probably just stay home for breakfast tomorrow. I've still got enough fresh fruit for one more smoothie.

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