Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 3594

Today was tiring. I went to the gym right after breakfast because I knew I needed to make some more repairs on the roof while the weather was still nice. When I did my usual workout, I knew it was going to be a long day because my shoulder was already starting to hurt. The gym was almost empty. Most people would rather exercise outside on a nice Fall day.

The roof seemed dry enough to apply the silicon material, so I got started transferring the messy stuff to a small paint can I could lift to the roof. I took a short nap first though. Basically, I took a nap after every major activity today. I applied two gallons of the coating today. This was enough to cover just about all of the remaining old acrylic coating. There were no holes in the acrylic coating, but I thought that water might be seeping through it. I really try my best to be neat, but today I managed to kneel in a spot where I had just applied fresh coating. I always take wet rags with me now, so I can remove the silicon I spill on myself before it starts to harden. Some of the silicon ended up dripping off the edge of the roof and landed on the front porch as well. It was a lot harder to remove the stuff from the brick porch than from my own skin.

Hopefully, these repairs will take care of the leak in the office. If the leak is still there, I have about half of the big bucket of silicon left. I'll just keep patching until it's gone. The next cold front should arrive sometime Tuesday and bring more rain along with it. We'll see how the roof holds up this time. I hope I am successful because getting a roofer to come out to the house is going to be next to impossible for the next six months. The tornado damage is so bad that all the reputable roofers in town are probably booked up indefinitely.

I still managed to take my five mile walk after I finished working on the roof. I probably should have skipped the walk. After four miles I was going pretty slow. Lots of people were passing me today. I'm always amazed at how popular the park is on a nice day. When the weather is bad, I have the place to myself. On a pretty day it feels like I'm at the State Fair. I've grown to prefer miserable weather when I'm walking. I've got lots of warm coats and my photography tends to look a lot better on a cloudy day. Cold, overcast days are great. I still don't like to get wet though.

Some of the new Dalmatians have already been adopted. I'm not sure who has actually left the building though. I guess we'll find out when Janet and I go up to visit the dogs tomorrow. I'm delighted that so many dogs are finding homes quickly. I miss seeing my favorites though. It's real easy to get attached to these guys.

I hope I get a good night's sleep. These 20,000 step days can wear a guy out.

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