Thursday, December 5, 2019

Day 3633

I am terrible at multitasking. Getting ready for my NASA trip and the Santa Paws photo shoots at the same time is wearing me out. There really isn't even that much to do. I just can't seem to do two things at once. I guess I'm making progress though. My travel arrangements have been made. I'm starting to get my camera gear organized. And amazingly, the new photo backdrop arrived from China this evening, right on schedule. I never even heard the DHL driver arrive, but he sent me an e-mail two minutes after he delivered the package. Those Germans are pretty efficient.

Every time I travel I try to think of an easy way to get the same things on my laptop that I have on my  desktop computer. This is impossible of course because the desktop computer has a humongous hard drive and the laptop has a relatively small one. I'm always forced to make a list of important information that I might need while traveling and copy it over to the laptop one file at a time. I really don't want all the e-mail I've ever received or all the photos I've ever taken to reside on the laptop, but it can be a pain to sort through the maze on information on my main computer. I usually just end up writing down a few important things on a piece of paper and putting it in my suitcase.

I need to go out and buy batteries and a roll of blue painter's tape tomorrow. I do this every year before we begin the Santa Paws events. I still have plenty of batteries from previous years that I've never even used, but I'm never sure if they are any good. Fresh new batteries make me feel more secure. I've got plenty of Duct Tape, but it is sticky and can make a mess. Painter's tape is much better for taping down power cords to keep them out of the way. I take a spare camera just in case my main camera malfunctions, a spare power pack for the strobe lights, spare bulbs for the modeling lights, lots of batteries, and extra memory cards for the cameras. What I really need is a spare photographer.

Spaceflight Magazine contacted me and said my proposal for an article sounded interesting. It was so interesting in fact that the magazine has been working on the same idea for several months now. Timing is everything. All is not lost however. They asked if I would be taking pictures while I was at the Michoud Assembly Facility and said they might publish them with the article that was already being prepared if I could get them to the magazine in time. I'll give it a try.

There were lots of things I should have done today, but I insisted on taking my five mile walk first. When I returned from the walk, I was too tired to do the other things. This happens almost every day. I'm not sure if I'll have time to walk tomorrow. All the gear bags for the photo shoot need to be packed and I need to start packing my suitcase as well. Did I mention that I'm terrible at multitasking?

It took forever to add my blog post to Facebook last night. For a long time Facebook refused to load a preview picture with the link. This happens sometime and it drives me nuts. I want everything to be consistent. I hope things go smoothly tonight. I've still got to take this week's trash out to the curb and there there's another old Perry Mason episode to watch before I go to bed.

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